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Minolta MD to Sony NEX E Mount Copper Adapter

  • Product Code: KF06.308
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept minolta md to sony nex e mount copper adapter online, check price and product reviews from K&F official store.
  • 20.99
$40.99 $20.99    4.5 4 Review(s) Add your review


  • • Premium-grade K&F Concept adapter,High precision,Good quality.
  • • Smooth surface for effortless mount,Infinity focus allowed.
  • • Anodized aluminum construction.
  • • Compatible Cameras (Including, but not limited to): Sony NEX-3 NEX-3C NEX-3N NEX-5 NEX-5C NEX-5N NEX-5R NEX5T NEX6 NEX7 NEX-F3 a6000 a5000 a3500 a3000 Alpha A7 A7R NEX-VG10 VG20 etc NOTE: This adapter will NOT fit on the Sony a7S, a7 II, a7S II, and a7R II.
  • • Smooth surface for effortless mount, fine made to be light weight and strong. Or effortless mount, fine made to be light weight and strong.

Why Choose K&F Concept?

• professional camera accessory manufacturer.

• Premium Picked up Product. Shop with Guarantee.

• Dedicated to provide products in high quality & good price.

• Made of metal sealing ring, much tighter. Laser fonts, much durable

• Meet Environmental Standards of RoHS


•This adapter gives you the ability to use your irreplaceable prime lens and saves you the cost of purchasing new lenses

•The adapters are precision made to insure the perfect fit.

•Allows focus infinity.

•Diaphragm control of the lens is set manually.

•High quality and compact.

•Made of 100% Copper (not plastic).

•100% Brand New

•Color: Black

Suitable for:

•Minolta MD Lens

•Sony NEX Mount Camera

Package Includes:

1X MD-NEX Lens Mount adapter ring

Overall Rating 4.5 All Reviews
Minolta MD to Sony NEX E Mount Copper Adapter
and it doesn't disappoint. Quality and fit are excellent
As previous reviews have indicated, this is apparently the second version of this adapter, and it doesn't disappoint. Quality and fit are excellent. No negative issues encountered. I've used it so far to mount two older Minolta lenses to my Sony Alpha NEX. Shipping to the states does take a while, but if you can wait, this no-frills adapter is great for the price point.
Minolta MD to Sony NEX E Mount Copper Adapter
Best affordable MD-E mount adapter.
Works perfect.Build quality is 10/10Used with:Sony A7iiMinolta MC rokkor x 50mm f1.4Mounts perfectly, no issues with fitment. Snug but not too tight. Would definitely purchase again if i need to adapt other vintage lenses. Keep in mind there is NO communication between lens and body. It just allows you to mount it. This means everything is manual focus.
Minolta MD to Sony NEX E Mount Copper Adapter
Great improvement over the first version.
This is K&F Concepts 2nd version of their MD to NEX mount. This one currently doesn't have as many reviews, but is superior to the first - I've owned both.Quality and compatibility are a given at this point - K&F nailed this on the first version. The design improvements made to this version include the chromed camera mounting bayonet, the application of anti-reflective coating on the inside, and adding an ever so slightly amount of thickness to the top of the adapter.As a result - the camera mounting mechanism is a little sturdier, light won't reflect off the inside of the adapter and add aberrations to photos (rare case), and there is slightly less beyond infinite focus which gives you a tiny bit of additional minimum focus distance. The ability to focus beyond infinity was never a strength of the first version, and while improved on this version, could still be better.The only negative I can think of is these are currently only shipping out of China. Maybe that will change in the future.Get this version over the other one. It's better.
Minolta MD to Sony NEX E Mount Copper Adapter
Good quality, inexpensive, some limitations
Quality is good. Not sure if this is case for all adapters, but it focuses 'beyond' infinity. In other words, when you want to focus to infinity, you can't crank the lens all the way to infinity focus as it will be blurry. Rather, you have to focus for slightly closer than infinity for image to be sharp. A bit of an inconvenience if you're trying to focus quickly.Another thing that would be nice would be a mechanism to open the aperature blades quickly for focusing (rather than using aperature control on lens). This would allow you to focus with lens wide open (useful in low light) and then take the photo without having to look at lens to set desired aperature. Again, this would be a convenience.
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