• - High-quality material: Made of high-quality waterproof and lightweight nylon, it folds super fast and is easy to carry. Laser precision printed colors Orange and Black/Yellow on each side that won't fade with use or sunlight. Reflective tape strips allow the drone to guide it home even at night.
  • - Set contains: 1 x Drone Mat Helicopter Mat 55 cm / 21, 6", 4 x Ground Spikes to keep the Drone Mat on the ground even in windy conditions, 8 x Bright Red Reflective Tape Strips , helps guide your drone home safely even during night flights, 1 x Sturdy Nylon Carrying Bag for travel 1 x Manual with detailed instructions. Designed and tested to provide the best possible takeoff and landing experience.
  • - 【How to use】: RGB lights can be directly turned into white/red/green/yellow 4 lights, no need to replace the cover, 12 settings (4 colors lights red/green/white/yellow, each color has 3 lighting modes : fast light mode, slow light mode, long light mode) for your choice. The flash is super bright! (Long press 3S on/off, short press to switch modes)
  • - [Will it affect flight? 】: The mini strobe light is only 0.014 lbs and mini size. Does not affect your drone's battery life and flight flexibility, can be used for all drones/rc cars/rc boats/rc planes. (If you want your drone to fly high, we recommend placing it on or under the drone's arm so it can be seen from the ground)
  • - Remote Control Silicone Case for DJI mini 3 Pro RC Remote Control
  • - Use the Mini 3 pro rc controller protective cover to prevent foreign objects from bumping or scratching the rc controller.
  • - 【FIT AND FINISH PERFECT】The propeller is specially designed for DJI mini 3 Pro. It can make you more gorgeous and cool when flying at night, making your drone the brightest dancing elf, very beautiful at night.
  • - [Beautiful night show] The propeller of Mini 3 Pro has 3 lighting modes, which can be switched freely with one button. When the UAV is flying at night, 3 purple halos will appear on the propeller. With long exposure photography skills, you can take beautiful visual photos and bring more fun to night flying.
  • - 【Compatibility】Durable propeller guard specially designed for DJI mini 3 Pro drone.
  • - 【Special Design】The shape of the propeller guard adopts a fortress design, which can improve the toughness, effectively buffer the impact force, and isolate the propeller, protecting the Mini 3 Pro from accidentally hitting trees, walls or any other obstacles.
  • - 【Applicable models】This water landing gear is suitable for DJI mini 3 Pro
  • - 【Water Landing】Use the water landing gear to let your Mini 3 Pro land or take off on the water, shoot videos on the water, so that you have more flying fun (before using it on the water, do not go to places with waves, otherwise there will be overturning danger.
  • - 【Compatibility】mini 3 Pro Charger Hub for DJI mini 3 Pro 2453mAh and 3850mAh batteries
  • - 【3 Batteries Fully Charged】DJI Mini 3 Pro batteries are charged sequentially according to the power level from high to low. About 135 minutes with three 2453mAh batteries (about 45 minutes per battery), about 195 minutes with three 3850mAh batteries (about 65 minutes per battery)
  • - 【Lithium Polymer Battery Bag Material】- Double layer 100% fireproof fiberglass fabric with aluminum foil coating on the surface, the aluminum foil will never burn, which enhances the fire resistance of the lithium polymer battery charger bag.
  • - 【Lithium Polymer Safety Bag】: STARTRC Lithium Polymer Battery Fireproof Storage Bag is a convenient way to protect your Lithium Polymer battery during charging, transport and storage. The unique design of the charging port better protects the lithium battery charging.
  • - 【Compatibility】Light landing gear designed for DJI Mini 3 Pro drone. It can help you better observe your surroundings when flying or landing in the dark.
  • - 【3 Blinking Modes】Fast Mode, Slow Mode, Long Light Mode.
  • - 【Why do you need a lens protector】: This product is specially designed by STARTRC for the DJI MINI 3 PRO drone, and it is upgraded to the problem that the original lens protector cannot protect the obstacle sensing. STARTRC lens protective case will be more sturdy and not easy to drop.
  • - 【Protection of Vulnerable Parts】: Protect important vulnerable parts such as the camera, gimbal, and obstacle sensing of the MINI 3 Pro drone. Protects against dust and scratches, as well as crashed drone bodies.
  • - 【9H Super Hardness】Scratch-proof and explosion-proof screen, protect your DJI Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro remote control screen
  • - 2. High transparency and no chromatic aberration, bare screen-like visual experience
  • - 【Free Your Hands】: The shoulder and neck lanyard can be adjusted to a maximum length of 85CM, which makes your flying experience more leisurely and also provides security for shooting and transferring.
  • - 【More Comfortable and Safe】: Double-layer fabric, soft padded design, more comfortable and durable; 2 solid CNC aluminum alloy screws, strong and stable, provide security for the DJI Mini 3 Pro RC controller.
  • - 【Customized Design】The carrying case is only suitable for DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, RC controller, battery charging butler and drone accessories.
  • - 【Reliable Quality】The portable hard case protects your Mavic Mini 3 Pro drone from scratches and bumps.
  • - [Applicability] The lens filter kit is specially designed for DJI mini 3/mini 3 pro UAV
  • - [Multi-layer coating] With excellent manual grinding technology, good physical and chemical properties, high-end materials, high quality, can effectively protect the Mini 3 Pro camera, and can complete excellent shooting under harsh conditions.
  • - Lightweight, portable, long-lasting color, easy to unfold and quick to fold. High-precision printing and sun protection, fade and water resistance.
  • - Higher Quality - The landing pad is made of waterproof PU PVC material. Wear-resistant compact and lightweight.
  • - 【Compatibility】Specially designed protective case for DJI Avatar propeller shield. Make your Avata drone durable and protect your equipment.
  • - 【Special Design】The impact protector is installed with the DJI Avata propeller guard to absorb the impact of the TPU material, fortress design, protecting the Avata drone from accidentally hitting trees, walls or any other obstacles.
  • - The one-piece blade guard and the precisely designed aerodynamic layout make the airflow smoother and ensure flight safety.
  • - The lightweight design will not bring too much burden to the flight of the drone.
  • - 【Compatibility】The landing stand is specially designed for DJI Avatar drones. 20mm heightening makes drone landing safer.
  • - 【Safe and Stable】The landing gear allows the drone to land or take off on complex ground, avoiding component damage. The LT will help reduce the impact on the ground when landing to protect the gimbal and camera.
  • - 1. With a dynamic design, the empennage can help the fuselage cut airflow and reduce air resistance.
  • - 2. Press the buckle to easily take out the battery.
  • - 【Lithium Polymer Battery Bag】: STARTRC Lithium Polymer Battery Fireproof Storage Bag is a convenient way to protect your Lithium Polymer battery during charging, transport and storage. Free your mind while the lipo is charging and you have to go away for a while to turn off the lipo in the bag.
  • - 【Fire and Moisture Resistant】: STARTRC Lipid Storage Bags meet strict international flammability safety standards set by UL 94. The double-layer fireproof cloth is made of 100% liquid silicone, which can withstand high temperature up to 1100°F, and the instantaneous temperature can reach up to 1800°F.