Real-Time Translator Earbuds Two-Way 144 Languages 0.5S & 98% Accuracy
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  • - 【4-in-1 Translation Headphones with a Comfortable Fit】Say goodbye to clumsy handheld translators and embrace a smarter way to explore the world. Our 4-in-1 translator earbuds not only provide translation between 144 languages but also support playing music, answering calls, and transcribing translated content. The open-ear style with a 120° rotation hook makes Kentfaith translator earbuds a perfect fit for all ear shapes and sizes.
  • - 【Real-Time Interpretation】Our translator earbuds provide two-way real-time interpretation. You can simply speak with one earbud and the other party will hear the simultaneous interpretation. Unlike traditional translators, our real-time translator earbuds require no pauses between sentences. It automatically segments your speech, enabling you to have natural conversations just like talking with a native speaker.
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