Metal detector, 360 ° scanning, waterproof, handheld, high sensitivity, supporting precise positioning and searching
20% OFF
  • - [High sensitivity metal detector] The metal detector allows you to quickly scan a large area, and then use the precise positioning tip to narrow down and precisely locate the target before excavation. The bar probe design allows you to insert a hand-held metal detector into the hole for detection;
  • - 【 Easy to operate 】 Single button operation, when a metal object is detected, the LED light will light up. At the same time, there will be sounds and vibrations as alarms. When the detector approaches a metal target, the intensity of the alarm will increase, and this unique function can help users determine the exact location of the target;
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$29.99 $23.99
Children's entry-level metal detector, high sensitivity, with LCD display and sound indication, suitable for beginners
11% OFF
  • - High precision: children's metal detector can detect objects 5-10cm/1.96-3.93 inches underground. It has very accurate sensitivity, and you can use it to search for gold and silver jewelry, coins, and other metals, such as iron nails, plated iron, aluminum rings, small aluminum products, gold, etc;
  • - LED display screen and sound prompt: Support sound prompt and LED display screen. When metal is detected, the LCD screen will display "METAL FOUND" and emit a sound. The closer they are, the louder the sound, and the stronger the signal. The LCD screen can display the battery level, letting you know when to replace the battery;
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$53.74 $47.99
Adult professional metal detector, professional treasure hunting gold detector, IP68 waterproof 10 inch detection plate, high-precision
50% OFF
  • - 10 inch waterproof detection plate: equipped with advanced intelligent chips, greatly improving search range, sensitivity, and detection efficiency, can help you quickly and accurately find the desired target. It is so powerful that the gold metal detector can scan up to 10 inches below the ground and help you find the treasure hidden deep in the earth's surface;
  • - IP68 waterproof detection panel: adult metal detector has a 10 inch detection panel, so you can scan a larger area faster. In addition, IP68 waterproof enables the metal detector to work normally underwater, which means you can take this waterproof metal detector to explore on the beach at will;
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$182.99 $91.99
Metal detector for children and adults, high precision, two detection modes, 7.8 inch waterproof detection disk, archaeological detector
14% OFF
  • - 【 Two operating modes 】 (1) DISC mode, which can eliminate unnecessary metals. (2) All metal mode, which can search for all different types of metals. You can choose the appropriate mode to help you detect treasures;
  • - The 7.8 inch (19.8cm) induction detection disk can accurately reach a depth of 6 inches (16cm) underground, and the detection sensitivity of the detection disk is high. The pointer displays more accurately, with values ranging from 0 to 10, representing the signal strength of the detected target metal;
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$88.74 $75.99
Professional metal detector, gold detection, high sensitivity, with identification mode, waterproof
20% OFF
  • - LCD display screen with backlight: Equipped with a large-sized LCD display screen with backlight, it can clearly display the target depth, metal type, operating mode, sensitivity level, and battery level at night. Even at night, you can use the detector to search for treasures normally;
  • - Waterproof detection plate: An 8.5 inch large-sized detection plate with higher sensitivity and detection depth, which can expand the detection range of the instrument and improve detection efficiency. The waterproof detection plate allows you to use it underwater, making it very suitable for outdoor use, such as beaches, streams, and backyard; (Note: The control box is not waterproof)
$149.99 $119.99
High precision metal detector, beach waterproof gold detector, with precise positioning and sensitive detection plate
50% OFF
  • - [Three detection modes]: The metal detector has three modes: ① all metal mode, which can identify various metals (iron, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel); ② DISC mode, which can use the detector to shield the metals you don't need according to your needs; ③ NOTCH mode: when using the detector, users can choose any one or more metals below the shielding of precious metals according to their needs or preferences;
  • - Large size high-definition LCD display screen, displaying possible metal types and target depths. It allows you to keep track of the detection dynamics at any time, with a unique LCD display that allows you to perform detection at night or in dark light areas.
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$139.99 $69.99
Adult metal detector, gold detector with 8.5 "waterproof detection disk, all metal mode, P/P and Disc mode
20% OFF
  • - [Three operation modes]: The metal detector has three operation modes: (1) All metal mode: it can detect steel, zinc, aluminum, gold, copper, silver, etc. in the all metal mode. (2) Disc mode: You can adjust the switch to control this metal detector to identify different metal types. (3) Precise positioning mode: When you detect a metal object, you can use P/P mode to accurately locate the target;
  • - [8.5 "Waterproof detection panel] The metal detector has an 8.5" omni-directional detection panel. The waterproof rod and detection panel enable you to use underwater. It is very suitable for outdoor use, such as beaches, streams and backyard. The P/P button can more accurately determine the position of the metal; (Note: The control box is not waterproof)
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$149.99 $119.99
Handheld underwater detector, all metal mode, vibration pulse sensing, underwater treasure hunting detector, fully waterproof
20% OFF
  • - Fully waterproof: With complete waterproof function, it can be used at a depth of 20 meters underwater. Fluorescent green can increase underwater visibility, making it very suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. The all metal mode can search for all different types of metals, making it an essential tool for your diving exploration;
  • - Easy to install and use: Just install the battery and turn on the detection disk face up for a few seconds, and the LED indicator light flashes to indicate that the device is turned on. It weighs 0.6 pounds and is 17 inches long, perfect for adults and children, making it the perfect gift for your family;
$92.49 $73.99
Hand held metal detector, IP68 grade complete machine waterproof, 360 ° scanning, underwater underground positioning auxiliary rod, with LED light, audible alarm
20% OFF
  • - 360 ° probe and three optional modes: needle metal detector 360 ° probe design, expanding the detection area and reducing target loss. Three modes - vibration mode (mute), audio mode, vibration and audio mode conversion, suitable for quiet, noisy, underwater and other different environments;
  • - Fully waterproof design - The fully waterproof design allows you to detect in the water, making it suitable for diving. Light metal detector can be used to find treasures in narrow areas that cannot be reached by typical metal detector, such as looking for screws and nails in the wall, looking for screws in the garden to prevent accidents, and looking for lost valuables;
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$48.74 $38.99
Professional metal detector, with larger LCD display, waterproof, with 10 inch detection disk, 5 detection modes
20% OFF
  • - Large size LCD display: The metal detector has a clear large LCD screen, which allows you to get the detection dynamic at any time. You can see the metal type, target depth, sensitivity level, battery condition, and volume level, which is obviously more accurate and convenient. It also comes with a digital display screen for the target ID, allowing you to search better using backlight even in dark areas;
  • - Professional metal detector: metal detector is a professional treasure hunter, providing four search modes, including all metal mode, recognition mode, notch mode, precise positioning mode, and memory mode. The innovative memory function can remember the metal of the last detector, and the specific type can be detected the next time it is turned on. (Note: The detector will remember to set before turning off the power);
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$154.99 $123.99
Professional metal detector, high-performance underground metal detector, five detection modes, with LCD display, waterproof
41% OFF
  • - Five detection modes: You can choose the default detection mode or customize the detection mode. Jewelry mode: You can remove iron and find small metals, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, etc; Custom mode: can selectively detect individual items and select the type of metal you want to detect; Heritage mode: Iron can be removed and only non-ferrous metals can be detected, improving the efficiency of underground metal detection; Coin mode: It is used to search for most types of coins, jewelry, etc., while also eliminating junk metals; All metal mode can detect all metals, such as gold, silver, copper, iron, etc;
  • - Single selective detection function: can be divided into: gold, silver, copper, iron, can be single selective detection. For example, if you choose to detect gold, the machine will only detect gold, excluding other metals, and can also detect all metals. Selecting a metal type for detection greatly eliminates the interference of mineralization reactions and waste metals;
$234.99 $137.99
Hand held metal detector, professional high-precision, 360 ° scanning, with LCD display, adjustable valve stem
50% OFF
  • - High precision metal detector: This metal detector adopts the industry-leading sine wave detection technology to enhance the pulse function, effectively improve the sensitivity and detection depth. Built in advanced chips for fast response detection, ensuring you never miss any metal targets. It is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy challenges;
  • - Intelligent differentiation of metal types: By pressing "DISC", different metals can be intelligently distinguished, removing low value metals such as iron and aluminum. Different metal parameter values represent different metal values. It can be roughly determined that iron is around 20, copper is around 50, and gold and silver are around 80, saving inspection time and improving efficiency;
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$299.99 $149.99
Children's metal detector, 7.5 inch waterproof, lightweight detector plate, adjustable metal detector
20% OFF
  • - A waterproof detection panel suitable for all locations - the detection panel is designed to be 7.5 inches, which makes metal detection more sensitive and greatly improves detection efficiency. The adjustable valve stem and detection plate (excluding the screen) are waterproof, allowing you to enjoy outdoor treasure hunting activities in all places (gardens, parks, beaches and forests, all healthy outdoor places);
  • - High precision and clear detection - turn on button until the light turns green and the maximum sensitivity state is turned on. Just wave this high-quality and lightweight detector on the ground to detect objects buried 4 inches below the surface. If there are any metal objects, arrows and signal symbols will appear on the screen, and at the same time, it will make a sound. The closer they are, the louder the sound, and the stronger the signal;
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$63.74 $50.99
Adult metal detector, professional high-precision IP68 waterproof, metal detector with LCD display, 5 modes and 9.4 inch detection panel
20% OFF
  • - [High precision 9.4 inch metal detector] The adult metal detector is powerful and can accurately detect small coins, jewelry, and other metal objects up to a depth of 9.4 inches. If you want to search for treasures in large spaces such as forests or courtyards, this is the ideal choice. This gold metal detector is also equipped with a 9.4 inch detection disk, which can increase the search range, allowing you to detect metal faster and more efficiently;
  • - [5 operation modes] The metal detector has 5 different metal detection modes, which are very suitable for helping you find gold, coins and other treasures. (1) All metal mode (2) recognition mode (3) memory mode (4) jewelry mode (5) precise positioning mode, through these 5 modes, you can find all suitable treasures;
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$167.49 $133.99
Metal detector with LCD display, adjustable light, precise positioning function and DISC mode, 10 inch waterproof detection panel
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  • - [DISC mode and unique audio] The metal detector can detect almost all metals, including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and other articles in the all metal mode. You can distinguish metal types through unique audio and ignore junk metals by setting the DISC range to improve detection efficiency;
  • - [LCD] Large size LCD can clearly display mode, sensitivity level, battery status, volume and target depth, which is more accurate than pointer metal detector. When the lights are turned off, it can reduce power consumption and prolong the product's battery life;
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$153.74 $122.99
Metal detector, professional metal detector with LED flash light indicator, adjustable and waterproof
20% OFF
  • - All metal and recognition mode - All metal mode can recognize different types of metals, including coins, cultural relics, jewelry, gold, copper, silver, etc; The DISC mode can distinguish the specific metal being detected. A beep will sound to remind you that the metal is nearby. The closer the detection panel is to the target metal, the stronger the signal on the instrument;
  • - [IP68 waterproof detection panel] - The metal detector is equipped with IP68 waterproof diving detection panel, which has a diameter of 7.5 inches and can find hidden metal 8 inches deep underground, making it a good choice for digging gold along beaches, rivers and streams; Attention: The control box is not waterproof
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$149.99 $119.99