• - 【Compatibility】Specially designed protective case for DJI Avatar propeller shield. Make your Avata drone durable and protect your equipment.
  • - 【Special Design】The impact protector is installed with the DJI Avata propeller guard to absorb the impact of the TPU material, fortress design, protecting the Avata drone from accidentally hitting trees, walls or any other obstacles.
  • - 【Compatibility】Durable camera gimbal bumper specially designed for DJI avatar FPV drone. It won't show up in your videos, protecting your cameras and not hindering their work.
  • - 【Damage】When the Avata FPV drone collides at high speed, it can resist the huge impact force. Effectively reduce damage caused by impact.
  • - 1. With a dynamic design, the empennage can help the fuselage cut airflow and reduce air resistance.
  • - 2. Press the buckle to easily take out the battery.
  • - 【Customized Design】The carrying case is only suitable for DJI Avanta FPV Drone, Goggle 2, Motion Controller, Battery Charging Hub and Drone Accessories.
  • - 【Reliable Quality】Portable hard case protects your Avata FPV drone from scratches and bumps
  • - The one-piece blade guard and the precisely designed aerodynamic layout make the airflow smoother and ensure flight safety.
  • - The lightweight design will not bring too much burden to the flight of the drone.
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Yagi Antenna Signal Booster for DJI Avata DJI Goggles Antenna Signal Booster
20% OFF
  • - Special design for DJI Avata DJI Goggles 2
  • - Six key features: improve flight security, signal enhancement, directive property, good qulity and durable, fast release and installing, lightweight design
$16.24 $12.99
  • - 【Compatibility】The landing stand is specially designed for DJI Avatar drones. 20mm heightening makes drone landing safer.
  • - 【Safe and Stable】The landing gear allows the drone to land or take off on complex ground, avoiding component damage. The LT will help reduce the impact on the ground when landing to protect the gimbal and camera.
  • - 【Custom Design】This hard case is specially designed for DJI Avanta combo with Goggle 2/FPV Goggle V2/FPV Controller/Motion Controller accessories.
  • - 【Large Capacity】The Avatar case can accommodate: 1x Avatar Drone, 1x FPV Motion Controller, 1x FPV Controller, 1x Goggle 2/FPV Goggle V2, 4x Batteries, 1x Charger, 1x Charging Hub, Remote Control Cable , propellers and more accessories.