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Baby Monitor

  • - Observe your baby clearly and carefully-The large 4.5-inch color screen and clear 720p HD resolution allow you to observe your baby more clearly. Need to take a closer look? Get the baby essentials you need. The 2x to 4x zoom function allows you to observe your baby up close.
  • - Don't worry about the night-the automatic night vision function provides black and white images on the video baby monitor at night, allowing you to see your child clearly even in a dark room. The red dot or red light emitted by the camera will not cause any interference to your baby.
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  • - 【VOX Mode and Night Vision】--- In Vox Mode, the screen of the baby monitor is black. The screen will turn on when the baby starts crying. The night vision distance is 3 to 5 meters, so you will never miss any moment of your baby and get rid of the hustle and bustle. You'll have your own time to read, watch TV or even enjoy a couple of drinks with your husband. It brings you a lot of fun and enjoyment.
  • - 【260 meters extra-large radius】--- The 260m signal coverage area (outdoor test) allows you to happily cook downstairs, enjoy the sun by the pool or even have a relaxing barbecue with friends on the terrace, for even more fun and enjoyment .
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  • - The UPGRADED LONG RANGE 850' long-range baby monitor can monitor your child anywhere at home (even working in short distance outdoors). The reliable 2 4 GHZ wireless frequency is more reliable than the camera that can be used with home WiFi
  • - The screen sleep mode enables the VOX mode, and when no sound signal is detected, the digital screen will sleep. When the camera is monitored from the bedside table in the bedroom, the screen will not light up. Set the alarm wake-up time in the monitor settings
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  • - Smart Temperature Monitoring - With smart temperature monitoring technology, the built-in temperature sensor on the baby camera will send alert to the parent unit. Baby monitor with temperature sensor helps keep your little one cozy and let them enjoy the right temperatures in their room.
  • - 5" LCD 720p HD Display Screen - The 5" display of 720p high resolution shows your adorable baby's body in full view - no movement is over-sighted. Need more detail? The camera zooms up to 4 times.
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  • - Comfort Lights of 3 Colors - K&F Concept is the best company for new parents. When the baby is crying, the comfort light will automatically light up to give the baby a sense of security. The comfort light is designed on the back of the camera and will not stimulate the baby’s glasses;
  • - Long Battery Life - K&F Concept baby monitor is powered by 18650 Rechargeable Battery, the longest battery life is 12H, if there is no electricity in emergency, you can also replace the battery;
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  • - 360° Motion Detection Tracking: Automatically sense and track your baby's movements in 360° in all directions. Compatible with 2.4G networks, you can use Tuya APP to easily control camera pan and tilt, and rotate 355° horizontally and 90° vertically.
  • - 1080P HD + Super Night Vision: 1080P HD camera lens and IR LED, night vision up to 49 feet (15 meters) in dark environment. Optionally turn off the indicator light, it will not affect the baby's rest at night.
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  • - 【5 Inch Large LCD Screen】Our baby monitor, equipped with 5 Inch large LCD screen, 4x zoom, provides large field of view and clear picture, it is easier to take care of your baby through the large display; plug and play, very easy to use .
  • - 【1080P HD+Night Vision】Built-in 1920*1080 lens resolution and high-tech optical lens design, presenting clearer images and clearer images, producing smooth and clear videos both day and night; the red dot of the camera when used at night Or red light will not cause any interference to the baby, equipped with 355 ° horizontal and 90 ° vertical rotation, forming a 360 ° full viewing angle.
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