Remote Sensor 875yd/800m Range with Large Touch Screen for Outdoor Learning, Fun, Kentfaith
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  • - 【Ranging & Observation in 1】: Kentfaith remote sensor is ideal for igniting a sense of wonder and scientific curiosity in children. With its dual functionality for both observation and ranging, it encourages your children to go outside and discover the hidden marvels of the natural world. Whether they're camping, hiking, birdwatching, or exploring the backyard, you will find it helpful in making their adventures more exciting and educational.
  • - 【Brighter & Clearer View】: Bring the broad world closer for young adventurers! The 6.5X magnification and up to 875-yard measuring range allow your child to observe intricate details from a distance. From examining birds perched on treetops to observing houses far away, our remote sensor with class 1 optics provides a crystal-clear and immersive viewing, sparks your kids' curiosity, and encourages further exploration.
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