Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Solar Powered with Timer & Light Sensor, Manual & Remote Control,  4 Modes, Waterproof & Anti-Pinch
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  • - Solar powered automatic chicken coop door: designed for easy management of chicken coops, with automatic functions such as light sensors and timer control, allowing you to enjoy worry free operation. There is no need to manually open and close the chicken coop door every day, especially in the early morning or late night. You can enjoy the convenience of automatically opening and closing without worrying about power outages or difficulties in using electricity;
  • - Superior security: Use an automatic chicken coop door to protect your chickens and ducks from predators such as opossums, hyenas, and foxes. Made of high-quality all aluminum and AES materials, it is safe and durable. Not only that, our chicken coop door also has an anti pinch design! When the built-in intelligent obstacle sensor detects a chicken under the door, the automatic door will stop and reverse to prevent injury;
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