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Gimbal Stabilizers

  • - The dynamic face tracking function is compatible with the native camera of the smartphone and third-party real-time streaming media applications such as TikTok, so that broadcasters are always at the center of attention. You can also manually select an object on the screen so that the camera can also track it.
  • - With the appropriate presets, your camera can automatically zoom in and out during shooting while keeping your face focused and centered, thus elevating your homemade video to Hollywood's high budget level.
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  • - 【Newly developed 3D "Inception" mode】 Introducing the updated Hohem gimbal stabilizer. This stabilizer adopts the newly developed "Inception" mode, which can automatically rotate the phone vertically 360° when shooting, giving you a master-level video production experience. It's an all-in-one tool for storytellers like you
  • - 【UPDATED SPORT MODES AND PERFECT BALANCE】Updated sport modes allow you to capture incredibly smooth footage even in extreme situations like running up and down, biking outdoors or driving over rough terrain. A high-performance motor makes axis overlap and low-angle shooting a breeze. 3-axis variable speed adaptation is extremely sensitive to hand movements. With this design, the Hohem gimbal stabilizer transforms hard-to-see, shaky footage into hypnotically smooth, professional footage.
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  • - 【Three-axis anti-shake + super anti-shake】Compared with ordinary gimbal, the hohem 3-axis smartphone stabilizer iSteady X2 provides extraordinary balance and shoots stable and smooth video. While only weighing 0.57 pounds, this handheld video stabilizer can still support phones up to 0.62 pounds. With this 3-axis anti-shake gimbal stabilizer, you can capture every wonderful moment without wasting any time.
  • - 【FOLDABLE DESIGN AND PLACE IN YOUR POCKET】With a folded length of 7 inches and a weight of only 0.57 lbs, this handheld gimbal stabilizer is even smaller than your palm, making it easy to carry around and capture your inspiration anytime, anywhere. The Hohem iSteady X2 phone stabilizer is always ready for adventure. The perfect smartphone gimbal for travel, outdoor and holiday season recordings.
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  • - 【Foldable Design and Pocket Size】As the world's lightest three-axis handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizer, iSteady X weighs only 0.57 lbs, while the maximum payload is still 0.62 lbs. This smartphone gimbal stabilizer can be carried in your pocket or in your bag without any unnecessary burden. You can enjoy the wonderful moments of this iPhone gimbal anytime, anywhere.
  • - 【Moment Mode - Make Your Own Blockbuster】Are you still troubled by the bland and tasteless videos you make? Are you struggling to make amazing videos? Try iSteady X's Momentary Mode! Instant Mode provides 7 one-click templates such as inception, dolly zoom, timelapse and panorama. With just one touch, this phone gimbal stabilizer can automatically rotate to 270°/180°, bringing you cinematic Inception images. The ideal companion for Vloggers, even for beginners.
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  • - 【Support Wifi and Remote Control】iSteady Pro3 Gimbal can be perfectly matched with gopro hero 8 GoPro. (Note: Wifi connection is only available for Gopro series)
  • - 【600° Inception, quick switching of working modes】The iSteady Pro 3 action camera gimbal is designed with a 600° rotation and translation axis, so the Inception creates a sense of spatial rotation of more than 360 degrees. iSteady Pro 3 can switch between different working modes with just a tap of the mode button, quickly changing the mode you want.
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  • - 【Quick Release Clip】With a quick release lock design, the SMOOTH-Q2 can split your smartphone into two and become a professional camera. Provides easy transition between standby mode and shooting mode. Smooth-Q2 does not require any rebalancing when clips are reconnected back.
  • - 【Pocket Smartphone Gimbal】Smooth-Q2 adopts aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to enhance compactness and stability
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  • - 【All in one. Ultimate Versatility】 Zhiyun CRANE M2, an unprecedented all-in-one design, compatible with multiple devices such as compact cameras, light mirrorless cameras, smartphones and action cameras. (Special accessories are required to install mobile phones and action cameras;)
  • - 【Compact design. Excellent portability】CRANE-M2 has a stylish body and compact size, providing great comfort for your hand and unparalleled control for your camera. Weighing only 500g and measuring 259mm in length, the Crane-M2 is easy to carry around so you'll never miss a perfect moment again.
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  • - 【3-Axis Motorized Stabilizer】: Feiyu Pocket 2 is an integration of 4K action camera and 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. With the 3-axis camera it is possible to shoot smooth video on the move, as the gyroscope keeps feeding back the new position as the camera moves/shakes, and Feiyu Pocket 2 requires 3 motors to adjust to the original state on 3 axes.
  • - 【Capture Anytime, Anywhere】: Super pocket size, can be held in the palm of your hand, and weighs only 0.28 lbs. 220 minutes of battery life for 1080p/30fps video. Portable and reliable.
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  • - 【Excellent AI Tracking & Non-Contact Control】2021 Hohem's patented AI gimbal iSteady V2 has built-in AI vision sensor, which can track without any app. Get rid of the limitations of designated apps, and face tracking can be achieved during live broadcasts or online meetings on Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Teams, Instagram and other platforms. 0.6T computing power, the gimbal gimbal can be controlled to switch between landscape and portrait through gestures.
  • - 【Portable Design for Outdoor Use】iSteady V2 smartphone phone gimbal weighs only 0.58 lbs. Its foldable design allows our iSteady V2 iPhone stabilizer to be carried anywhere in your pocket or bag. Our smartphone gimbal handle is made of soft, non-slip synthetic leather for a more comfortable feel and a better texture, allowing you to happily create a full day of video content. This is an ideal design for outdoor lovers.
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  • - 【Rotating Fill Light - All-round Shine】With touch buttons, it can illuminate you from all angles (180°), with three adjustable brightness levels
  • - 【Gesture Control - Say "Yes" to Shoot】Just one gesture to start shooting, be yourself anytime, anywhere. Provides multiple panorama modes
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  • - 【Supreme Power. Greater Compatibility】Thanks to new High-precision software algorithms and more effective motors ,the weebill s stabilizer for mirrorless cameras supports a wide range of cameras and lenses. The Max Payload up to 3KG/ 6.6 lbs while still achieving a smooth, cinematic shot. Combos like for Sony A7Ⅲ+FE 24-70mm F2.8 and Canon 5D4+EF 24-70mm F2.8 .
  • - 【Lightweight & Compact】Weight as light as 895g,The unique structure and minimum design of WEEBILL-S dslr gimbal make it super compact as a piece of A4 paper. WEEBILL-S Gimbal Stabilizer provides an effortless shooting experience for anyone.
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  • - 【Light and Stable】WEEBILL 3 is as small as A4 paper and weighs only 1.13kg, supports all mainstream DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and lens combinations, and is fully compatible with 24-70mm f/2.8 Sony a7siii
  • - 【LONGER BATTERY RUNNING TIME】WEEBILL 3 has three built-in standard 2600mAh batteries, guarantees 21 hours of running time, supports 5V/1A to charge your camera in real time. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the gimbal (support PD fast charge). *The data comes from the internal experiments of Zhiyun Lab.
  • - 【Sling Structure 2.0】New Sling Mode 2.0: Reorganized L-shaped handle, combined with ergonomic wrist rest and repositioned extendable sling handle. Easy movie making starts here (including wrist rest and TransMount retractable sling)
  • - 【Light and Stable】WEEBILL 3 is as small as A4 paper and weighs only 1.13kg, supports all mainstream DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and lens combinations, and is fully compatible with Sony a7siii 24-70mm f/2.8
  • - 【Compact size but no compromise on performance】Get rid of the bulky body, Zhiyun Crane M3 is as small as a bottle of water. But the upgraded motor, with high torque, guarantees stable movement and shooting with cameras of different sizes. *Compatible with smartphones, action cameras, compact cameras and full-frame mirrorless cameras with certain lenses. (Smartphones and action cameras require accessory installation)
  • - 【Illuminate the Dark and Sharpen the Image】The groundbreaking built-in LED fill light uses Lumen Amplifier technology to reduce image noise. Adjustable color temperature and brightness facilitate shooting in dark or dim light, resulting in sharper images. *Peak power: 6W, color temperature level: 2600-5400K, brightness: warm light 650-750, white light 850-950, color rendering index 90+
  • - 【Touch screen does more than you think】 Brand new full color touch screen with advanced UI design and intuitive interface. The gimbal is compact and portable, just like a smartphone, and can be easily operated with one hand
  • - 【Unconventional design】The industry's first appearance design. The Crane M3 comes out in a sleek white exterior. It's definitely better for your cute compact camera. The ergonomic handle and comfortable material also fit better in your palm
  • - 3 KG (6.6 lbs) Tested Payload - The DJI RS 3 weighs only 1.3 kg (including the gimbal, battery handle, and dual-layer quick release plate) and has a maximum tested payload of 3 kg (6.6 lbs).
  • - Auto-Lock Axes - Just press the power button and the three axes of the DJI RS 3 can be automatically locked and unlocked, significantly improving the speed and efficiency of transitions and storage.
  • - 3 KG (6.6 lbs) Tested Payload - The DJI RS 3 weighs only 1.3 kg (including the gimbal, battery handle, and dual-layer quick release plate) and has a maximum tested payload of 3 kg (6.6 lbs).
  • - Auto-Lock Axles - Just press the power button and the three axes of the DJI RS 3 can be automatically locked and unlocked, significantly improving the speed and efficiency of conversion and storage.
  • - Portable and Palm-Sized Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones - DJI OM 5 is a lightweight multi-tool that unlocks the full potential of your smartphone. Enjoy perfect selfies, ultra-smooth video, auto-tracking, and more with this DJI phone gimbal.
  • - Built-in extension pole - add more friends to your selfies, or even shoot your pets from a lower angle more comfortably. This smart gimbal stabilizer is perfect for vlogging, live streaming and YouTube
  • - Feel the pull - instantly connect your smartphone to the DJI OM 4 SE Gimbal Stabilizer and enjoy the perfect shot anytime, anywhere. This smartphone gimbal stabilizer features a magnetic design that connects to your phone quickly and easily, allowing you to capture smooth and creative footage when inspiration strikes.
  • - DESIGNED FOR CARRYING - The DJI OM 4 SE Gimbal Stabilizer is foldable and extremely lightweight for easy portability. Whether you're on an island adventure or in your own backyard, it's the perfect creative companion.