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Anti-Shake 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Kit for iPhone, Android Phones, Gopro Sports Cameras, Dynamic Face/Object Tracking

5 6 Review(s) GW46.0003
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Super stable anti-shake three-axis gimbal stabilizer (set), suitable for iPhone and Android phones and GoPro sports cameras, with dynamic face/object tracking function
  • GW46.0003
  • SKU: GW46.0003
  • 289.99
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  • • The dynamic face tracking function is compatible with the native camera of the smartphone and third-party real-time streaming media applications such as TikTok, so that broadcasters are always at the center of attention. You can also manually select an object on the screen so that the camera can also track it.
  • • With the appropriate presets, your camera can automatically zoom in and out during shooting while keeping your face focused and centered, thus elevating your homemade video to Hollywood's high budget level.
  • • Press the power button three times to activate the "Inception space" function. By pushing the joystick to the left or right, you can rotate the camera smoothly and smoothly to create a dazzling visual effect similar to Inception space.
  • • Double-click the power button to switch freely between landscape and portrait shooting modes even during shooting. It opens up a lot of possibilities for you.
  • • With 2 built-in 2200mah batteries, it can power the device continuously for up to 12 hours, so you can enjoy shooting without worrying about battery power.

1. ModelCaptuer2s
2. Rotation range of yaw axis320°
3. Rotation range of roll axis320°
4. Rotation range of pitch axis320°
5. Maximum control speed120°/s
6. Applicable mobile phone width58.6-85mm
7. Applicable models6.5 inches or less
8. Maximum load weight250g
9. Working capacitance2000mAh*2
10. Working voltage5V 11. Working current
Reviews (6)
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This is very good tool for car Vlog!
It very stable and very good video quality
Great Buy
This is my first stabilizer and it's really easy to use. The camera tracks people well and the videos have quite good quality. One problem is that the device quite big. But for the price, there’s really no comparison.
Worth the money; easy to use
Good packaging. Very easy to use!
Good packaging. Very easy to use!
Was ok the bottom peace was missing
Nice Product
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