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Registration and Warranty Information

K&F provides a 12-month worry free warranty for all products. This warranty applies to any K&F products you have purchased from an authorized K&F reseller. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers will NOT be covered by K&F’s warranties.


Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Products purchased from second hand or used one.
  2. Products purchased from an unauthorized retailer or distributor.
  3. Product damage caused by misuse, abuse, improper storage, or accident.
  4. Product damage caused by chemical, fire, radioactive substance, poison, liquid.
  5. Product damage caused by natural disasters.
  6. Product damage caused by any alteration, modification or repair to products by a third party/ person/ device other than K&F.


Online warranty registration:

You can check the warranty status of your K&F products online. If you have not done so, register your product now.


Order Code Example:

Official: XX-XX-0-0

Amazon: 200-0000000-0000000

Ebay: 143000000000-0000000000000

Aliexpress: 700000000000000