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K&F Concept

  • - M42 screw series lens is transferred to Fuji FX mount body.
  • - High-precision perfect transfer, aluminum-magnesium alloy ring body, fine copper bayonet will not wear the lens, the workmanship is very exquisite, tight and smooth combination with the bayonet, adjustable and focusable, play the lens macro function
$43.99 $33.99 $31.99    3 text_reviews
  • - The front pocket has a zipper design, which is simple and easy to use. Magazines and newspapers can be retracted freely during travel, which more intuitively highlights the convenience and compound interest of use.
  • - The bag mouth has a curling design, which is convenient to quickly take out or put in, and the curling design can carry more items as you like. The front silicone belt design is soft, tough, oily and comfortable, convenient and quick. Silica gel has no odor, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, oil stain resistance, easy cleaning, and non-fading.
$73.99 $64.99 $58.99    12 text_reviews
  • - Kit includes: K&F Concept Professional Photography Filter Kit (Neutral Density ND1000, CPL Polarizer, ) for Camera Lens+ Filter Cases.
  • - Material: Made by completed professional optical glasses,high-quality optical filters for lens protection and image enhancement.