AP031 Wireless Lavalier Microphone 3-in-1 Plug-Play Noise Reduction Auto-Sync

SKU: KF10.051

  • 51.99
Overall Rating 4.9   24
Brilliant functionality
used this microphone with an iPhone. It was plug and play rather than having to use one of those questionable apps so it's very easy to set up. It's also very easy to use and offers a variety of uses including an SLR, laptop, etc. You can use it for Facetime calls, video recording, or audio notes — the potential is almost limitless. Audio capture is crisp and clean, especially when using dual mics for stereo recording. It picks up the smallest sounds. It offers true audio depth compared to built-in microphones, even a MacBook Pro, and reduces background noise in most environments. With multi-port connectivity — Lightning, USB-C, or 3.5mm headphone jack — it's instantly ready to use with almost any device. There's a long range between the plug and the mics, preventing it from dropping out even if you move around a lot. Although the devices are small and compact, the battery life is excellent. I've been using it for six hours and it still doesn't need to be charged. It comes with a charging cable and a carrying case. Can't fault it functionally. The only downside is the effect of having an unknown brand name printed on the side in large white letters. It should be a bit cheaper but it's such a good kit that it gets a five star rating.