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EP033 Mini Plug Play Microphone Wireless Lavalier Mic For iPhone & iPad

5 7 Review(s) KF10.033
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$53.99 $86.89 37% OFF
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • EP033 Microphone the innovative Lavalier Microphone is diffent from others, which includes transmitter and receriver, they will atutomatically connect.Using real-time auto-sync technology, which extremely reduce the video post-editing.
  • KF10.033
  • SKU: KF10.033
  • 53.99
  • • High-density spray sponge, high-sensitivity microphone, 360° no dead angle radio, fast response, fine radio, reduce the interference of the surrounding environment, and record every detail of the sound;
  • • High-performance wireless microphone, stable signal, obstacle-free distance of more than 20 meters, unlimited free recording; built-in noise reduction chip, strong anti-interference ability, effectively identify the original sound, and can still record clearly in noisy environments;
  • • Built-in 80mah battery, long-term battery life of 10 hours, short video recording, easy to cope in various noisy environments, worry-free shooting, to meet your needs for a day; wireless lavalier microphone, easy to wear, stable signal, clear sound, easy to record high Quality audio
  • • Get rid of the wire bondage, automatic pairing, no cumbersome operation, and automatic connection after power-on and plug in the receiver;
  • • Compatible with a variety of devices, support mobile phones, cameras, notebooks, etc., devices with microphone ports can be easily connected and used;

Reviews (7)
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This microphone is a game changer for me
Terrible. Cheap. Won’t connect
I am planning to buy another.
More than just a toy, nice.
Nice phone system
Would buy it again.
Good Mike
I have bought from this company before and their customer service is excellent. The item I bought was complicated to use and they spent a lot of time helping me with the interface, the settings and the product itself. This item is easy to use and perfect for my needs. I am very happy with it and plan to buy more of them so everyone in my department can have one.
Excellent Customer Service
If you are going to hold your phone in your hand in a selfie mode then this mic won't add much to the audio quality. However, if you are holding your phone in a selfie stick or you put it on a stand and move around while recording your video then this mic is the perfect fit for you.
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No, it only supports to receiving audio from the microphone comes with. 
You can but with one downside, itll not carry audio out for you. As in, the receiver takes over the entire audio pipeline. So you cant hear when the other person is talking. 
The video voice quality of this wireless microphone for iphone is very good. I tried it at a distance of about 20 meters, and it was able to receive very stable sound with some noise reduction effects. 
This iPhone wireless lavalier microphone only one matching microphone can be connected.A receiver can only be connected to one wireless microphone, and multiple microphones cannot be connected to a wireless microphone receiver at the same time. 
The iphone wireless microphone Sound quality effect: very clear. Appearance material: mini, compact, high concealment, high cost performance...