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  • - The NCR denoise pickup technology features super power noise reduction. Shock-resistant structural design, to reduce the mechanical noise of the camera and other vibration noise.
  • - Effective pickup distance can reach 20 meters. Make pickup farther, more pure and better sound quality. Heart-shaped single-point pickup features can effectively reduce the noise of the surrounding environment.
$59.99 $35.99    92 Review(s)
  • - Adopted a unidirectional lapel microphone with high sensitivity and long pickup distance. Wireless working distance can reach up to 70 meters, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
  • - Uses UHF frequency band, with strong anti-interference capability. DPLL digital frequency control technology is adopted, and six preset channels are available.
$230.99 $149.99    24 Review(s)
  • - Electrets condenser mic is universal for cellphones with 3.5mm audio jack (both IOS and Android devices).
  • - The stand microphone with NCR denoise pickup technology, features super power noise reduction. (Heart-shaped pickup,makes the pickup farther, more pure and better sound quality).
$47.99 $34.99    8 Review(s)