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M8 UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Video Camera & Camcorder

4.6 95 Review(s) KF10.002
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept m8 uhf wireless lavalier microphone for video camera & camcorder online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • KF10.002
  • SKU: KF10.002
  • 119.99
  • • This microphone is suitable for professional photography, video recording, news coverage, lectures and other occasions; Wireless transmission distance (without obstacles) can reach up to 70 meters.
  • • Lightweight,the receiver and transmitter are both only 85g, easy to carry and wear on the body.
  • • Uses UHF frequency band and complex interference-free circuit, and 6 preset channels are available; With strong anti-interference capability, more than 4 sets of devices can be used simultaneously without mutual interference.
  • • Uses WNCR noise control technology, featuring extremely low bottom noise,real sound reduction details; Applies noise valve control system, with auto mute if no signal.
  • • Use AA batteries, battery life up to 15 hours. (Note: Battery are not included)
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Wireless Photographic and Recording Microphone
3.44” (8.74cm)
Working distance up to 70M without barrier, Light and protable
Used in several occasions such as film and television shooting , news gathering and rocording, etc. Lightweight, convenient for carry and usage. Works with camcorders, DSLR cameras and mounted easily and quickly.
Liquid crystal display
Lattice LCD Display, high resolution Display the date more clearly.
Built-in button
Avoid careless touch, prevent wrong operation.
Super endurance
Battery life: 15-20 hrs for new battery. ( Battery not included)
Noise reduction
WNCR Noise Control Technology Features extremely low noise
Working distance 70m
Wireless working distance can reach up to 70 meters, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Compound anti-interference
Use UHF frequency band, DPLL digital frequency control technology is adopted.
M-8T Transmitter
M-8R Receiver
Clip Microphone
Connecting Cable
Belt Clip
Boot-type Conn ector
MIC Socket
Used to input MIC or AUX signal
Power Switch
MIC Socket
Function Description
Chanel Control
Volume Control
Battery compartment
Reviews (95)
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Great quality microphone, hands-free style or use the transmitter set as a mic for interviews
This is an awesome wireless microphone by K&F concept. I also have a lavalier but with a cord, with this microphone I will be truly wireless which is awesome if you want to move around or want to hide your microphone. The distance is really good, I have not tried the maximum distance of 20 meters yet but so far with my camera in one place on the first floor and me testing around in the house, in the basement, it worked really well. The quality is also really good, you can change the volume of the audio input also.Using this set of microphone was pretty easy, they also do provide a really good manual in case you have never used such thing. Basically it comes with a transmitter and a receiver (both has 2 AA batteries each included), the transmitter will have the socket for the microphone and the receiver will be connected to your camera audio mic socket.On the transmitter set, you have a mic input to connect one of the two microphones provided. One microphone has a wire for you to run it from the transmitter that could be attached on your belt and clip the microphone on your clothes so you can have your hands free and be a little more subtle. The other microphone is directly plugged in the mic input of the transmitter set so you can hold the transmitter and use it as a microphone to interview people. To quickly differentiate the transmitter from the receiver since they are identical, you have to look for the input socket. The transmitter has the socket for MIC while the receiver has the socket for OUT.There are severals features with this set, you can change channels if you hear interference (up to 6 different channels), you can lower or higher the volume, they use two LCD screens that show the battery level, the volume level and the channel used. It also comes with a hot-shoe mount/boot type to set your receiver on top of your camera.
Great quality microphone, hands-free style or use the transmitter set as a mic for interviews Great quality microphone, hands-free style or use the transmitter set as a mic for interviews Great quality microphone, hands-free style or use the transmitter set as a mic for interviews Great quality microphone, hands-free style or use the transmitter set as a mic for interviews Great quality microphone, hands-free style or use the transmitter set as a mic for interviews
Great For Wedding and Conference Recording
There is a lot to love with this set and a small amount to criticize, so let's take a look at a breakdown of what makes this set work it.Packaging:Everything comes extraordinarily packaged in a nice minimalistic black branded box. Inside everything is inset into foam inserts for protection. This is one of the few times where I can say that I will be keeping the package and using it as a method of storage.Build Quality:The main units themselves are made of a durable feeling plastic with metal clips on the reverse side. The door hinges are not the most rugged thing I have ever seen; however, you will rarely have the battery compartment open so this should not be a concern. All the accessories, microphone capsule and cabling all feel well build and should stand up well to regular use and travel.Functionality:These work very well. The range is surprisingly long, which should allow for versatile uses from personal video, to conferences and weddings. The controls are hidden within the battery door which means once they are set you should have no worry of them being accidentally modified. Upon testing I also received no noise or feedback while flexing the microphone cable. This can be used very easily with audio recorders, dslr input jacks, and computers with dedicated microphone jacks or with a TRRS adapter for single jack setups.My only small gripe with these units is at first glance it is very hard to distinguish which is the receiver and which is the sender. I will be color coding them on my own; however, would have liked to see some factory branding or a slight change in appearance. The included batteries are not the best either and you will want to grab a good set of rechargables to insure you get the most out of the equipment.I will be using this set for video production. Previously I was using a field recorder and syncing the audio in post; however, the preamp in my DSLR is decent enough that I can use these to capture "baked in" audio directly into my footage. If you are looking for a great microphone set that allows you the freedom to move around, I would certainly try these out!
Great For Wedding and Conference Recording Great For Wedding and Conference Recording Great For Wedding and Conference Recording Great For Wedding and Conference Recording Great For Wedding and Conference Recording
Good wireless system. Simple setup.
 Here are my thoughts on the mic system:Pros:Came with batteries pre-installed, which made me very happy. Takes two AA batteries for each the receiver and the transmitter.Super easy setup. Basically just turn on the receiver and transmitter, plug the receiver into the mic jack of the camera, and talk into the mic that is attached to the transmitter. Takes about 3 seconds to be up and running.Has coldshoe mount, so I can attach it securely to my camera.Does what a lav mic should. Allows clean audio from a good distance from the camera. (Sadly, I haven't been able to really test the range since all of my testing has been indoors).Cons:I keep tweaking the settings on my camera, but I've yet to find settings that make the lav mic sound great. This is more indicative of my inexperience, I think, but it's still frustrating for me. I would imagine every camera is going to require different settings in order to get the mic to sound good, so you just have to keep tweaking until you find the perfect settings. Because my camera doesn't have a headphone jack, I can't monitor the audio while it's recording or even during playback, so I have to plug my SD card into my computer, listen to the audio, then go back to my camera, tweak the settings, and try again.Honestly, the built-in mics on my a6500 (stereo front-facing mics) seem to do better than the lav mic in close-up scenarios that aren't in echo-y rooms.On that note though, the mic can be switched out with any lav mic. So I do have the option of getting a lav mic that might have better sound. I included a video of my brother speaking into the mic so you can hear the actual mic quality for yourself.Overall, if you are looking for a good wireless system, this is a great starter kit. You can play around with different lav mics if you don't like the one it comes with. This is a great way to go wireless and really makes shooting video easier when you are moving around or not always close to the camera.
Good wireless system. Simple setup. Good wireless system. Simple setup. Good wireless system. Simple setup. Good wireless system. Simple setup.
high-quality, low-cost wireless microphone set
 For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to add a wireless microphone set to my camera set-up. I hate having to be tethered to my camera and tripod with a microphone cable. I also prefer using a Lavalier microphone rather than a shotgun microphone because people always seem to be shouting when an on-camera shotgun mic is in use. With that in mind, I’ve really wanted a high-quality, but budget-friendly wireless microphone set. I ended up finding that with the K&F Concept Wireless Microphone Set.This set is designed for use with professional photographers, videos, news coverage, lectures, and a variety of other occasions. The wireless transmission can reach up to 70 meters without any obstacles. The receiver and transmitter are only 85g each and they are very easy to wear or carry. The set uses UHF frequency and complex interference-free circuit. There are 6 preset channels available with strong anti-interference capabilities. It is possible to use more than 4 sets of devices can be used simultaneously without interference. The set uses WNCR noise control technology and will auto mute if no signal.The wireless set consists of a transmitter, receiver, hot shoe mount, and a unidirectional Lavalier microphone compatible with most modern Canon DSLR cameras (Rebel T6S, T6i, T5i, T4i, T3i, T2i) with a 3.5mm interface. Both the receiver and the transmitter require 2 x AA batteries (not included). The battery door reveals not only the battery tray but also button controls for channel selection and volume control (receiver only) and a switch for selecting aux or mic (transmitter only). Each pack is made out of heavy-duty plastic. There is a metal clip on the back that can be used to attach the pack to a belt or pocket. K&F Concept includes a hot shoe mount that snaps onto the metal clip on the back of the receiver.The battery doors are a bit stiff and they can be difficult to open. This is really the only criticism I have of this set. Because the plastic clips that lock the doors into place are hard to open, I’m concerned that it will eventually snap off. For the most part, you would only open the door to change the batteries, but since there are button controls on the inside of this set as well, it’s a little concerning that the doors are so hard to open.I love how simple this set is to use this set. You add the batteries, hold in the power button until the LCD lights up. From here, you make sure that both the receiver and the transmitter are on the same channel. On the receiver, you will plug the extension cable in and then attach it to the microphone jack on your camera. On the transmitter, you will plug your microphone into the mic jack and make sure that ‘mic’ is selected on the mic/aux switch. At this point, you start recording. It really couldn’t be easier.When I recorded some audio of my fiancé talking about how the kit works. It was easy for her to attach to her shirt and record her video. I was sitting approximately 8-10 feet away from her with the camera when I recorded her. The wireless set didn’t have any issues with the distance and we successfully recorded audio well with it. The only issue we really had was some over-modulation from the Lavalier mic. We tried another microphone to see if it was the equipment or user error and we found that while the volume on the mic was better it wasn’t perfect. So, we determined that the level on the mic needed to be adjusted. This is something that needs to be considered carefully before you start recording.The K&F Concept Wireless Microphone Set is a great option for a wireless microphone kit. It is budget-friendly and compact enough to work with any on-the-go kit. I can recommend it based off of its ease of use and low cost.
high-quality, low-cost wireless microphone set high-quality, low-cost wireless microphone set high-quality, low-cost wireless microphone set
This is a great product! The units are very user friendly
 This is a great product! The units are very user friendly. The receiver goes onto the dslr camera (with the 3.5mm cable plugging into the mic port on the camera). The transmitter goes onto the person speaking, and the lavalier mic plugs into that. This is great because it allows you to record your video and audio at the same time without having to sync the audio in post. The wireless ability makes filming much easier as well. The battery life on the units are excellent. I recently filmed a 4 hour conference (having the transmitter plugged into a sound mixer) and the battery levels were still at full bars! The volume on these units are very sensitive. I kept mine on volume 1, and you can further adjust the volume on your camera. Another cool thing was that I was filming with 2 cameras (1 receiver each camera) and they both recorded the audio being sent from the one transmitter all at the same time with no issues.The design of the product is simple and modern. There is a power button (which is pretty responsive, powers up in about 1-2 sec), and the channel and volume buttons are inside the battery compartment. Thank goodness these units use AA batteries! The LCD screen is bright and shows you what channel you're on as well as the battery life in bars. The units come in a really nice box with a foam insert cut to fit the units.I'm currently using this for my youtube channel (vegan rev)! You can check out the sound quality in the attached video!
This is a great product! The units are very user friendly

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It works with my 1Dx and 6D so I can't see why it wouldn't work with a 5 series body... 
Lavalier Microphone Wireless Lapel Mic K&F Concept M-8
K&F Concept M8 6 UHF Lavaliermikrofon
『これで低価格帯!!』K&F Concept®の ワイヤレスマイク一眼レフや外部マイクなどに絶対おすすめ!