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Nikon AI Lenses to Fuji X Camera Mount Adapter

$22.99 &FREE Shipping on eligible countries
Product Code: KF06.101
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept nikon ai lenses to fuji x camera mount adapter online, check price and product reviews from K&F official store.
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 22.99
  • • Allow Nikon AI mount lenses used on Fujifilm X series camera body.
  • • Compatible with Fujifilm camera includes: Fuji X-A1, X-A2, X-A3, X-E1, X-E2, X-E3, X-M1, X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X-S1, X-T1, X-T10, X-T20, X-T2, X10, X20, X30, XF1, XQ1, XQ2 etc.
  • • Made of brass and aluminum. Stable,precise and durable construction.Manually operated.Infinity focus allowed.
  • • For heavy medium format lenses, we suggest to use with a telephoto bracket and a tripod to balance its weight when shoot.
  • • 30 Days No Reason Return,12 months quality guarantee,100% satisfaction assurance.

K&F Concept design and produce full range of lens adapters to fit lenses of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, Contax Yashica, Minolta, Tamron, T2, C mount, Exakta, M39, M42, Pentacon etc used on Camera bodies of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, Micro 4 3, Leica, M42, Cinema C mount etc.

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

Overall Rating
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Nikon AI Lenses to Fuji X Camera Mount Adapter
excellent adapter
I bought thisadapter to be able to attach my Tamron 90 macro lens I have used since the 90's and it works well. In a way I wish I had thought of this before investing in a signifantly more expensive macro lens, albeit not the Fuji one which is astronomical. Anyhow, the adapter is very keenly priced and works well, doing what it is meant to do. Of course, you don't get anything other than manual settings and focusing, but that is not a greta problem as long as you set up for a suitable depth of field. The photos shown seem pretty sharp to me and the colour is good, which is more about the lens, but the adapter plays its part too. All looks pretty reliable, so I am very pleased with this purchase.
Nikon AI Lenses to Fuji X Camera Mount Adapter
arrived in a timely fashion and fit like a glove
arrived in a timely fashion and fit like a glove. Bing Bang and I was snapping photos with my Nikor 55 1.2 lensthanks
Nikon AI Lenses to Fuji X Camera Mount Adapter
Really handy and good quality
No issues fitting X-A10 with a Nikon lens. Just make sure you have an aperture ring on your lens.
Nikon AI Lenses to Fuji X Camera Mount Adapter
Excellent adapter! Very nicely build from metal. The adapter fits and snaps perfectly on the body and the lens. The release button seems a little bit sensitive compared to others I have seen. The adaptor came rapped in bubbles inside a small nice cardboard box, unlike the other two adopters that I got from K&F that were inside a plastic box. The international shipping was more that excellent for the cost.
Nikon AI Lenses to Fuji X Camera Mount Adapter
Highly recommended.
I have just bought this after buying the 'G' version at the Photography exhibition in Birmingham. This model was out of stock with the supplier and I needed both versions as I have both types of Nikon lenses. It was suggested that I go to Amazon as they may have stocks and they did. These are very well made adaptors and work flawlessly on my X-Pro1 body. Also, much cheaper than buying a 56mm f1.2 Fuji prime lens. I can now use my Nikon 50mm f1.8D instead. Ok, so you don't get autofocus but I rarely use that function anyway. Highly recommended.
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