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77MM Circular Polarizer Glass Filter Ultra-Slim, Multi Coated

$37.99 $17.99
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept 77mm circular polarizer glass filter ultra-slim, multi coated online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • KF01.1317
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 17.99
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77MM Circular Polarizer Glass Filter Ultra-Slim, Multi Coated
  • • K&F Concept circular polarizer made of Japan optical glass,deepens the intensity of blue skies; reduces or eliminates glare.
  • • Multi-coating reduces reflection, reduce glare and improve saturation.
  • • Aluminum alloy frame, Ultra slim rim profile to avoid vignetting on wide angle lenses.
  • • CPL filters are good for skies, waters, foliage. They can dramatically enhance these natural elements, giving images better appearance.
  • • Rotating a CPL filter on your lens can make dramatic changes to a simple image.
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Overall Rating   5   
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Great quality
I bought a new 77 mm circular polarizer glass filter and I am surprised how well it removes glare and reflection for the low price it is offered. And how it makes color deeper and dramatic especially when shooting the sky. Overall, it’s great quality and very useful to have as a photographer.
Great filter
Got this filter to go to on my trip and was impressed. Helped me get the best shots and did not have distortion on the pictures. Helped bring out the blues in the sky and paired with the nd helped me get some nice shots where the water looks clearer vs when using it without it. I would recommend this to filter to anyone. Great value for great features.
Excellent quality, excellent value.
The optics on this filter are extremely clear and sharp and the polarizing works very well. It's nice and slim. I highly doubt you'll find a better quality filter at this price. It's a really excellent value. It comes in a hard plastic shell which is great for storage.The performance of this filter is pretty close to filters that cost five times the price. The only downside is that it has an aluminum thread instead of the brass threads you find on more expensive filters, but I haven't yet had any issues with the thread sticking; it's been very smooth, so I would say this filter is well worth the money.
Great way to reduce reflection/glare but also add protection for your expensive glass!
Currently I am using a K&F Concept 77mm Circular Polarizer Glass Filter Ultra-Slim/Multi-Coated for my Canon 24-105mm L Lens.I really llike this K&F Concept Circular Polarizer over my other previous filter because it really does deepen the intensity of blue skies and reduces and eliminates glare.My previous version is also normal, while this has a tint via its multi-coating which reduces reflection, glare and improves saturation.The K&F Concept Circular Polarizer is also made of Japan optical glass and if anything, this provides another added protection for your expensive lens (especially when you don't have your lens hood on).Overall, I'm quite pleased! Highly recommended!
not bad for the price
Works best shooting in daylight. Did some night shooting in the city and found a lot of blue halos in my photos. I have a k&f polarizing filter for my 23 mm lens that is far better for reducing this
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