American standard AC (J1772) Type1 indicator light charging gun, portable EV charger (16 amperes, 110-240V, switchable current charging box, 16.3 foot cable), electric vehicle portable charger with NEMA 6-20P
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  • - The Type 1 charger has a maximum output of 110-240V, 8/10/13/16A, and 3.84 kW, allowing for faster charging of electric vehicles;. Using standard J1772 charging plug, the charger is compatible with all electric vehicles and Plug-in hybrid;
  • - The EV charger with display screen displays current, voltage, and charging power. The LED indicator light on the control box can read and connect to the vehicle, charge, fully charge, check and troubleshoot, and help you identify the working status of the electric vehicle charger;
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