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46mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter

$19.99 &FREE Shipping on eligible countries
Product Code: SKU0689
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept 46mm nd2 to nd400 variable nd filter online, check price and product reviews from K&F official store.
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  • 19.99
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  • • Slow down shutter speed for motion blurring effects like waterfalls, cars or blurred panning movement to make the subject stand out from the background.
  • • Allow cine/video cameras, which have a fixed shutter-speed range, to film on brighter lighting conditions such as the beach or in snow on a sunny day.
  • • Neutral density can be adjusted from ND2 to ND400.Reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color.
  • • Low Profile Frame. Ultra Thin Frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses.
  • • Manufactured by a professional team for photography enthusiasts to provide a very exciting experience. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Circular Polarizing CPL Filter
Can be used for any type of photography. Polarizing filters are typically circular, allowing for easy control of the effect of polarization.
High quality UV filters can be permanently mounted on lenses with a minimum impact on image quality.
Protects the front element of a lens from dust, dirt, moisture and potential scratches.
Reduces the amount of light entering the lens, thus decreasing camera shutter speed. Useful for situations where motion blur needs to be created (rivers, waterfalls, moving people) or large apertures must be used with flash to avoid overexposure.
ND2 to ND400
ND2, ND4, ND8
Corrects colors, resulting in a change in camera white balance. Some color filters can subtract colors, blocking one type of color and allowing other colors through. These types of filters were popular for film. They are rarely used in digital photography, since their effects can be easily applied in post-processing.
Full Color
Graduated Color
Graduated red
Graduated orange
Graduated green
Graduated blue
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46mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter
Check this out before you buy this filter.
I suppose this isn't a fault of the filter itself but it is something that potential buyers should be aware of.My Panasonic Lumix camera has a lens that contracts inside a housing when not in use. I was excited to try out the filter after I received it so I turned on the power to my camera and the lens moved out from its housing. I, then, attached the filter but didn't use the camera immediately so, after 30 seconds, the lens automatically retracted into its housing.Here's the problem -- All other filters I have used have an outer diameter that is the same as the outer diameter of the lenses they fit. That is not the case with this filter -- the outer diameter of the filter is larger than the outer diameter of the lens and smaller than the inner diameter of the housing into which the lens retracts. So, when the lens tried to retract into its housing, it could go only part way before being stopped by the housing. The camera would not turn on again because the lens was not fully retracted into its housing. I had to pry the lens out with a small screwdriver and was, then, able to remove the filter and turn the camera off. Certainly, I didn't want to treat my camera that way but it seemed to be the only altermative; fortunately the camera seems to work as it should after this but the filter is essentially useless with this camera
46mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter
and I was super impressed with what this budget filter could do
I purchased the K&F Concept 46mm Variable ND prior to my vacation to San Antonio, and I was super impressed with what this budget filter could do!Any aspiring photographer knows how tough it is to film and take photos in bright sunlight and not have everything over exposed. This variable ND was the easy to answer to my run and gun filming style while I was out and about on my vacation shooting my Vlog.I definitely recommend this product to people who need lens filters for their shoots. Comes in a nice protective case and fits easily in my camera bag!
46mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter
Very happy, extremely fast delivery.
46mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter
I never take it off my lens! Amazing product.
I never take this off of my Sigma 19mm 2.8. I love this product. I use it every day filling youtube videos and it's perfectly clear as well as great for very sunny days. Shot a full photo shoot with it on and pictures were crystal clear. Amazing
46mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter
Quality at a great price
Conventional wisdom says never buy cheap ND filters! Always pay hundreds of dollars! Or you know, get this one (so far great for video in ridiculous sunlight - ISO 200 f/1.7 = crystal clear sky, not a pixel overexposed) and use the money you saved to buy another lens or other peripherals. Fits perfectly with nice, firm threads, the variable spins smoothly, no green hue or blotchy lines that I could see, even at 4k zoomed in, and comes in a cool protective case that fits like a glove in my bag.I have a tripod and EF to 4/3 adapter from K&F Concepts, and these guys haven't disappointed yet. Quickly becoming one of my favorite companies.
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