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Camera Monopod,4-Section 67"/171CM Compact Portable Travel DSLR Monopod

4.8 222 Review(s) KF09.011
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • K&F Camera Monopod,4-Section 67"/171CM Compact Portable Travel DSLR Monopod Unipod Stand Walking Trekking Stick Aluminum Alloy Lightweight SLR Cameras Canon Nikon Sony Camcorder Video
  • KF09.011
  • SKU: KF09.011
  • 27.99
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  • • 【Multi-function】: Not only a monopod for cameras, but also act as a walking stick for outdoor use.Ideal for sport interview, travel photography, extreme sports and so on.
  • • 【Flexible】: Leg locking system offer an adjustable height range of 21.26" (54cm) to 67.32" (171cm).
  • • 【Material】: 4 sections leg with durable aluminium body, adds up to durability factor along with its benefit of a lightweight structure.ideal support 6.6 pounds of camera and lens. (Without telephoto zoom lens).
  • • 【Portability】: Compact size of 21.25''(540mm) N. weight:1.19lb(540g). Plus carrying bag and adjustable shoulder strap for convenient delivery.space saving and easy to carry
  • • 【Application】: Supplied with a standard 1/4 inch tripod screw thread for attaching to camera, video or spotting scope.
4-Section 67"/171CM Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
Not only a monopod for cameras, but also act as a walking stick for outdoor use.
Ideal for sport interview, travel photography, extreme sports and so on.
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
Tube made of high quality aluminum all, more durable and stable
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
Non-skid rubble feet with retractable spiked feet
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
Universal 1/4 threaded crew camera mount
Universal thread lets you mount most digital and still cameras, video cameras, and scopes up to 6.6 lbs
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
4-Section Portable Travel DSLR Monopod
Reviews (222)
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Awesome monopod for the price
A very good and robust monopod. It is made of aluminium, pretty light and it folds quite small, enough to fit into a regular bag. What i really like about it is the foam grip, and height, which make it perfectly useable as a walking stick, saving you a space in the bag.There is a spike at the bottom, which can be retracted, and a normal 3/4 screw at the top.Overall a very reasonably priced, yet high quality monopod. Recommended.
Awesome monopod for the price
I really strong but light monopod
I was worried it would be a cheap and weak monopod for the price of under $20 but I was pleasantly surprised that it very strong yet very light. This is a great monopod!
Light and strong.
Light weight and easy to carry when hunting.
Very Nice Monopod
Got as a gift for my daughter’s Photography work. Comes with nice pouch too.
Solid little monopod
I do a lot of wildlife photography and when trying to get the right shot of birds you end up standing around a lot. The heavy cameras can be a bit much on old hands and wrists but this monopod takes the weight Sony RX10 easily. Some monopod reviews talk about weak connectors that fail to hold the camera safely but this one seems plenty tough. I like the lever action releases instead of the twist models, and as a tall fellow I really like the extension available on this model - plenty of length for me even if shooting on a side hill where the foot is below me. The combo foot with steel peg or rubber pad is handy for different surfaces. It packs easily to a compact size that will fit my backpack, and it is plenty sturdy for use as a walking stick. Excellent value in my book.

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Sort of ... my wife & I use one as a "walking stick" while hiking in the mountains. You could carry it anywhere for any reason! 
I attempted to weigh this product with my home scales. This answer is not official but the weight displayed was 1 pound. 
Yes, it has a nylon bag with carry strap 
This is a monopod, not a selfie stick. You would shoot the same way as you would without the stick. 
It is very sturdy. As far as actual weight, I don’t know. Mine double as hiking/walking sticks snd they hold my 200 pound body and only recently has one of them started slipping when I put sll my weight on it. 
ALL-IN-ONE MONOPOD! • K&F Concept [Review]
Tripod General
Load Capacity None
Maximum Working Height 1710mm
Max Height without Center Column Nonemm
Minimum Working Height 550mm
Folded Length 550mm
Weight 497g
Materials Magnesium aluminum alloy
Ball Head None
Color Black
Bubble Level
Tripod Legs
Leg Lock Type Flip Lock
Leg Positions 1
Independent Leg Spread
Leg Sections 4
Leg Diameter 26mm
Feet Features
Tripod Center Column
Center Column Features
Center Column Sections
Comparison of similar products
Rating 222 reviews. 123 reviews. 161 reviews. 2 reviews. 75 reviews. 31 reviews.
Price $27.99 $139.99 $99.99 $139.99 $65.99 $195.99 $135.99
Model KF09.011 KF09.085 KF09.010 KF09.040 KF09.079V1 KF09.097
Load Capacity
None 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 8kg/17.64lbs
Maximum Working Height
1710mm 1700mm/67" 1680mm/66.14" 1560mm/61.42" 1830mm/72.05" 1290mm/50.79"
Minimum Working Height
550mm 560mm/22" 445mm/17.52" 550mm/21.65" 600mm/23.62" 440mm/17.32"
Folded Length
550mm 430mm/17" 500mm/19.69" 460mm/18.11" 490mm/19.29" 337mm/13.27"
497g 1690g/3.7lbs 1507g/3.32lbs 1421g/3.13lbs 1835g/4.05lbs 1168g/2.57lbs
Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy Carbon fiber Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnalium Alloy Magnalium Alloy
Leg Lock Type
Flip Lock Twist Lock Twist Lock Flip Lock Quick Flip Lock Spiral Type Lock