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Canon EF/EF-S to EOS R mount, metal can autofocus

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$69.99 $79.99 12% OFF
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept canon ef/ef-s to eos r mount, metal can autofocus online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • KF06.467
  • SKU: KF06.467
  • 69.99
  • • 1. Ultra-fast focusing speed, AF auto focus, providing fast and accurate detection of the focus direction and target;
  • • 2. Super powerful compatibility. Suitable for use on Canon EOS RF mirrorless camera, you can transfer the EF/EF-S lens group to your Canon EOS RF mirrorless camera, allowing you to shoot more beautiful works through the new combination;
  • • 3.Gold-plated electronic contacts, using high-precision injection molding technology to ensure efficient signal conductivity and corrosion resistance, allowing the camera and lens to maintain reliable communication, achieving autofocus, aperture control, EXIF ​​information transmission, lens anti-shake and other functions ;
  • • 4. Support the body aperture adjustment, which can realize the body adjustment and control the lens aperture, greatly improving the convenience of use;
  • • 5. Support lens anti-shake, effectively eliminating image ghosting and blurring caused by shaking during sports shooting or holding.

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Model KF06.467 SKU0629 KF09.087 KF09.085 KF01.1086 KF09.083
Load Capacity
10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05“
Maximum Working Height
1990mm/78.3" 1700mm/67" 1710mm/67.32"
Minimum Working Height
580mm/22.83" 560mm/22" 520mm/20.5"
Folded Length
480mm/18.90" 430mm/17" 420mm/16.54"
1440g/3.17lbs 1690g/3.7lbs 1500g/3.3lbs
Magnalium Alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy
Leg Lock Type
Quick Flip Lock Twist Lock Twist Lock
Filter Material
Optical glass
Filter Thickness
Ring Material
Aviation aluminum alloy