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K&F XV37 52mm Variable ND Filter ND2-ND32 Screw-in Filter

SKU: KF01.1058

Does what it is suppose to.
Just getting back into photography mode. So new DSLR camera set-up. Never used ND filters before. Wanted to try them out. This filter does what it intended to do. Being new to ND filters, didn't know what to expect. It is nice build Quality, I did not get quite the effect I was looking for but that was not the filters fault. This is a 2f stop to 5f stop filter. So I bought an other K&F filter that is not a fader ND filter but is a 10f stop filter. the second photo is with just the 10 stop filter. once my adapter gets here (filters are of different sizes, 52MM & 55MM) I will even be able to stack the two together, for up to 15f stops slower. Over all very happy with the K&F filters.