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KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash for Nikon GN58 1/8000s High Speed Sync

$100.79 $83.99 &Free shipping worldwide
Product Code: KF22.007
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept kf882 i-ttl hss flash for nikon gn58 1/8000s high speed sync online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
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  • 83.99
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  • • The I-TTL Speedlite with the Guide No.GN58 (ISO 100,180mm), Suitable for: Nikon D3000,D5000,D3100,D5100,D7000,D800,D40,D40X,D50,D60,D70,D70S,D80,D90,D80S,D200,D300,D300S,D700,D3S, D600, etc.
  • • With 1/8000s high-speed synchronization function,helps capture the wonderful moments.
  • • Support wireless Master/Slave function and S1/S2 light flashing mode,no external triggers are required.
  • • Large LCD screen with backlight mode, easy to master information though in dark.
  • • 2.9 seconds high-speed recycle time, won't let you miss every wonderful moment.
KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash
High Speed Sync
1/8000 seconds high-speed synchronization: breaking the shutter speed, won't miss any wonderful moments.
TTL auto metering, sub ±3 files required to self-adjust the metering mode, the flash automatically control light output, so that every shot is ease.
Front curtain sync effects
Rear curtain sync effects
Stroboscopic flash function
During a single exposure, let the speedlite flash multiple times. The trajectory of the subject can be captured by strobe flash.
Auto/manual focus 18-180mm
Manual focus mode could make light output more exact to the desired condition
Wireless master/Slave function: Compatible for Nikon and Nikon wireless flash system, realizing TTL, manual multi flash function far away from camera.
2.9 seconds recycle time at full power output avoids timeless waiting.

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KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash for Nikon GN58 1/8000s High Speed Sync
Feels cheap
Feels very plastic-y. Cheaply made, but what can you expect for the price. The Altura flash has a much better build quality, but it lack High Speed Sync, which this one has.Another thing, zoom is very noisy.
KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash for Nikon GN58 1/8000s High Speed Sync
KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash for Nikon GN58 1/8000s High Speed Sync
Great deal for flash without HSS!
Good value for the money. Hard to find a flash with high speed sync for the price this sells for. Lots of bounce options and the built in diffuser, flash card and stand are a bonus. I also really like the padded case that comes with it which you can strap to your camera bag via a Velcro fastener. My only quibble would be that even using bounce, the flash can be overpowering. That being said, I haven't tried dialing down the flash output power. All in all, pretty pleased with this device.
KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash for Nikon GN58 1/8000s High Speed Sync
Worked out of the box
I have used this a couple of dozen times with my Nikon D500. The instruction booklet could do with a better translation, but hey ho, I went for it, and stuck it on the shoe. It works very well, despite my not yet getting to grips with the finer points. It talks to the camera effortlessly.In the example, with little time to set up, I used an exposure time of 1/200 sec at F2, 800 iso, multi-segment metering with a 35mm lens. I used the camera in manual mode, and bounced the flash off the ceiling. In retrospect, the image needed darkening a little, but I expect I will learn more as I become familiar with the unit.
KF882 i-TTL HSS Flash for Nikon GN58 1/8000s High Speed Sync
When you can be flash
Very well made product that provides confidence it fitted and worked perfectly with my Nikon. Producing excellent results in a range of uses. It does have limitations especially when taking multiple photographs so if you need to take many bursts of photographs very quickly then you may need to consider other units. I cannot say where the extremes lay and I may be a little unfair on the units capabilities. I did take multiple photographs in brackets of 2 to 4 over several seconds and it seemed to keep up with that level of picture taking fine. It also worked fine linking with the automatic functions on the camera. The unit comes with a holding case and a diffuser that seems to work very well. I have not used it working to control a slave unit and may need to re-read the instruction booklet a few times.
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