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TC2335 (Orange) Carbon Tripod Lightweight Portable for Travel Photography

4.6 23 Review(s) KF09.066
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$111.35 $127.99 13% OFF
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept tc2335 (orange) carbon tripod lightweight portable for travel photography online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • KF09.066
  • SKU: KF09.066
  • 111.35
  • • Tripod tube made of quality carbon fiber, can anti-folded 180 degrees reversely and install inverted,the folded height is only 13.6''(345mm) the camera tripod net weight 1.85lbs, smaller enough to help you a convenient travel.
  • • Center column inverted installation to realize the lowest angling shooting, macro shooting, or other special photography.
  • • 360 degree ball head with bubble level provide you with a panoramic view.Three position leg angle adjustment system provides flexible shooting.
  • • Center column design with hook attached to sand bag increasing stability, with non-slip feet design to keep the tripod steady.Max load weight is 26.5lbs/12kg for optimal performance.
  • • Tripod Specifications: 23 mm, 5 section carbon fiber legs. Folded height: 13.6". Extended height: 53.1". Net Weight: 1.85 pounds.
TC2335 Thunder
DSLR Camera Carbon Tripod
Product Parameter
Sections 5
Minimum height
Maximum height
8 Layers Carbon Fiber
100% Carbon fiber is lighter and more secure
Small and Light
Weight: 1.52lbs(0.69kg) / Folded height: 13.6" (34.5cm)
360° Panoramic Shooting
11.8KG Load Capacity
Rubber gasket & Back security plug
360° rotating ball head
90° side shot arbitrary angle adjustment
Side shot
Downward shot
Upward shot
Low Angle Photography
Lowest angle shooting, macro shooting, and special
photography can be achieved through inverted central axis.
Automatic Rebound Hook
Heavy objects can be hung to enhance stability
180° Reflexed
Make storage andcarrying more convenient
Easy to carry
Tube made of high quality
Carbon Fiber, can be 180°reflexed,
User experience / user picture
Reviews (23)
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Big effort from a small company towards the change in the Photography
Ok I was completely sceptical considering the price point but decided to give it a go. I was very pleasantly surprised! I own a few tripods so I compared this K&F Concept Professional Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head Quick Release with an old Manfrotto 3001 and a Zomei Z818. I was also able to borrow a Vevo and a Manfrotto befree. I wasn't kind to the K&F putting it through things I would never do in real life. Obviously not as sturdy as the 3001 Manfrotto but that's a beast which can double as a weapon. But against the others it shined. Made of Carbon fibre with exceptionally unbelievable weight and easily foldable this general purpose/travel tripod checks all the boxes. It's lightweight, sturdy and looks good. I took this baby hiking perfect tool and the monopod option is the best I've seen yet. This tripod has become my favourite and go to in most cases. When you find a product that can hold it's own against (and in some cases beat) the much higher priced competition you simply have to take notice. My only complaint is I would have preferred a lever/handle instead of a knob on the ball head. I highly recommend this unit. I am a professional photographer specializing in trekking and hiking photography.In the end, would I have rather had my rock steady franken-tripod? Yes. Would I have dragged in on and off rides and through a crowded park all day? No way. This tripod was nearly perfect for what it is: A small, light travel tripod that still gives you a reasonable working height.
Big effort from a small company towards the change in the Photography Big effort from a small company towards the change in the Photography
Feels great, looks nice, smells like ASS
 So this item first and foremost smells like rotten fish. Like the kind that you find in the dumpster. The tripod has this smell faintly if you put your nose on it, but the bag has this smell. I sprayed some cologne on it but it barely did anything. Personally, I dont care about that and it should be easy to fix if you mind it.The tripod itself is carbon fiber. At first I found some leftover glue residue on one of the legs but its now long gone. Not an issue. Dont unscrew off the entire leg or else it will come off, just twist a bit off.The tripod-to-camera screw keeps getting loose, but the ball adjustor is amazing. Use lighter loads or else ball adjustor will slightly be more difficult to work with.8.5/10 -Feels good, light, and gets tall if you need it. Great photography tripod, if you can mind the initial smell.
Feels great, looks nice, smells like ASS
Lightweight and very sturdy
I have been having so much fun sooting with this and my 6d mark it very sturdy I have stop 30 second exposures in windy conditions and I have not noticed any shake and since it is carbon fiber it is very light
Lightweight and very sturdy
Good purchase
Good lightweight tripod
Terrible and cheap ball head accounts for most of the weight savings.
Terrible and cheap ball head accounts for most of the weight savings. Its bulky and long folded size is a big negative. Poor quality control: Metal bits rattling around in the CF legs.Not very stable.I would only get this tripod if weight savings was the only thing that matters to you.I recommend Fotopro or Surui instead.

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I do not know Zomei. The body has a bottom ring ( like metal washer for a screw) that tightens the whole ball body to the tripod. Very sturdy and secure. 
Smallest tripod I ever tested and variable ND filter from K&F Concept | TC2335 Carbon Fiber
Tripod General
Load Capacity 12kg
Maximum Working Height 1348mm
Max Height without Center Column 1160mm
Minimum Working Height 345mm
Folded Length 345mm
Weight 1190g
Materials Carbon fiber
Ball Head Ball Head
Color Black
Bubble Level
Tripod Legs
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Leg Positions 3
Independent Leg Spread
Leg Sections 5
Leg Diameter 23mm
Feet Features
Tripod Center Column
Center Column Features
Center Column Sections
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Model KF09.066 KF09.062 KF09.077V2 KF09.086 KF09.087 KF09.007
Load Capacity
12kg 12kg/26.5lbs 8kg/17.6lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs 10kg/22.05lbs
Maximum Working Height
1348mm 1515mm/59.6" 1520mm/59.84” 2385mm/93.90" 1990mm/78.3" 1570mm/61.8"
Minimum Working Height
345mm 500mm/19.69" 460mm/18.11” 690mm/27.17" 580mm/22.83" 550mm/21.7"
Folded Length
345mm 465mm/18.31" 350mm/13.78“ 570mm/22.44" 480mm/18.90" 460mm/18.11"
1190g 1450g/3.19lbs 1013g/2.20lbs 2000g/4.41lbs 1440g/3.17lbs 1266g/2.79lbs
Carbon fiber Carbon fiber Carbon Fiber Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnalium Alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy
Leg Lock Type
Twist Lock Twist Lock Spiral Type Lock Twist Lock Quick Flip Lock Flip Lock