K&F Concept570 II Flash for Canon Nikon with Single-Contact Shoe Mount

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Brand: K&F Concept
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  • * The speedlite with high Guide No.GN54 (ISO 100,180mm), super output power, high illumination and farther irradiation distance.
  • * Multiple flash modes: Support M, S1, S2 and strobe mode, manual flash, manual zoom.
  • * Large LCD screen with backlight mode, easy to master information though in dark.
  • * 2.9 seconds high-speed recycle time, won't let you miss every wonderful moment.
  • * Using standard hot shoe contacts, universal for most Canon EOS and Nikon DSLR cameras.

DownLoad Instruction : check here

Free shipping worldwide
Buy 1 Get 16% OFF
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Multiple payment options:

Quality Guarantee

Kentfaith items enjoy [Quality Guarantee]. If the item you purchased has quality issues or problems caused by non-users and enjoys "Quality Guarantee", Kentfaith will provide comprehensive after-sales service.

No Reason Return

In order to improve your shopping experience at Kentfaith, the items you purchased (which doesn't apply to giveaways) can be returned for a refund for no reason (such as dislike, wrong purchase, and other non-product quality issues).

Brand Story

Professional design, let your creation more freedom:

✮Manual zoom (18mm-180mm): let you jump out the control of distance, to achieve fine control.

✮Color temperature control in the 5500K, nearly the same as the noon sunshine color temperature.

✮Head rotation (vertical rotation angle: 0~90 degrees, horizontal rotation angle: 0~270 degrees), to meet the needs of multi-angle exposure.

✮Built-in eyes light board, rich characters photography expression, make the eyes more vivid.

Exquisite detail workmanship, extreme experience:

✮Metal hot shoe and overheat protection function, can longer the service life.

✮Upgraded protective cover, to reduce the damage caused by the flash collision.

✮The internal buttons are durable and have a service life of 100,000 times or more.

✮Rear curtain sync for creative control of your subject's light and motion blur.


S1 / S2 Exposure Mode:

✮S1 Mode is respectively applicable for manual flash environment,support light master flash for common speedlite.
✮S2 Mode is respectively applicable for TTL flash environment, support higher speedlite with TTL function.

Strobe Flash Mode:

✮During a single exposure, let the speedlite flash multiple times.
✮The trajectory of the subject can be captured by strobe flash.

Product Specification:
Compatible Camera: Nikon/Canon DSLR camera
Screen: Large LCD screen
Flash Index: GN54 (ISO 100 180MM)
Focal Length Range: 18-180mm
Zoom Mode: Manual
Flash Times: 1/200s - 1/20000s
Flash Mode: Manual, S1, S2, MULTI
Recycle Time: 2.9 seconds
4 pcs AA alkaline battery
Synchronous Mode: rear curtain sync (only Nikon models apply)
External Interface: hot shoe, PC port, external power jack
Suitable Camera Model:
CANON Rebel (T6i T6 T6s T5i T5 T4i T3i T2i T1i XT XTi XSi); CANON EOS (750D 760D 650D 600D 550D 500D 450D 400D 350D 300D 7D 60D).
Nikon D7100 D5100 D3100 D300 D90 D70s D40x D3X D7000 D5000 D3000 D300S D80 D60 D3 D5200 D3200 D700 D200 D70 D40 D3S.


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Great flash at a very affordable price
As you probably know, Canon flashes can get pricey, especially if you’re a beginner or amateur photographer and can’t see yourself spending so much on a flash. Luckily, this flash does everything you can need it to, and does is at a great price.The flash is powered by 4 AA batteries, can be used on camera, or off camera with the included stand and has the capability to be used as a “master” flash with a cable (not included) or a slave flash in conjunction with other flashes, including the pop up flash on your camera.The build quality of the unit is great. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy and the flash head does have tilt and rotation adjustments.Flash power is selectable so you can decide how much light to add to your photo and recharge time is great at all levels, with lower flash levels being pretty much instant.There is a carry case included, as well as the flash stand and a diffuser. The one thing that isn’t included is the flash (PC) cord, but I assume that’s because not all cameras will use the same cord type and it’s impossible to include all the different cables required.
An amazingly powerful flash
First off this flash is not for the lighthearted, by that I mean it's on a par with some of the more professional units I've used in the past. Its colour temperature rating is spot on, and at 5500K it is certainly bright. the flash recycle time is about a second quicker than 2.9 seconds quoted by K&F, which can only be a good thing. The flash itself is exceptionally bright and I would heed the warning in the front of the manual. It's more suited to bounce flashing than direct (see the pics from a church). I would not use it as a direct flash on anything other than commercial photography of large subjects, and on a pretty fast flash speed of 1/128+ at around 1/500 sec exposure. Although there is a lambency diffuser supplied I found it a little too thick, but in a near total black shoot It would certainly soften the flash.The slave characteristics are great, no issues coupling with my Nikon D300. I popped outside and placed it at the foot of an Acer in my garden, stepped back 10 meters and set it to 1/64 and the result was none too shabby.The tone or voice prompts are clear and unlike other systems are specific to the needs of the flash, not just generic noises that leave you guessing for hours.Overall the flash is a great piece of kit and whilst its bigger than most, it packs a punch that belies its size and doesn't drain rechargeable batteries rapidly either. It comes with its own case and slips into my camera bag very easily. The hotshoe action is crisp and the pins haven't stuck as yet, which is always good news. 10/10 for ease of use and ergonomics. Another great piece fo kit from K&F Concept.
Great flash for the price!
Im not a professional photographer but this light helps a lot for non-professional photographers to improve their photos.If you're gonna get one speed light for your camera,this one is a good choice and also good price for a flash with these features.The quality for the photos are a lot nicer than without a flash!
Great flashlight, worth every penny.
 My hobby is photography and trying to get to every area of the photography. This speed light is perfect for studio or outdoor shooting in low light.Arrived in a cardboard box with a pouch, a mini stand and a very good, useful instruction manual. I have a Nikon D5100 camera so this speed light is perfect for that.It needs four AA batteries what the package does not include. It can be used attaching onto the camera or it has its own mini stand what can sit on any flat surface (table). It connects by hot-shoe to your camera or stand.At first attach the speed light to your camera or stand, make sure will not fall off. Under the LCD screen (big and visible) there is the ON/OFF button. Turn it on pressing it for few seconds. It has a self-secured system, what means if the speed light is not work for more than 30 minutes it will shut down automatically.You can set manually the brightness of the flash between 1/128 and 1/1 it depends your own requirements.It can be used as a slave too with the same bright settings (slave means camera off light; it is triggered by a built-in camera flash, a trigger or any other flash for that matter).- S1 mode: this is suitable for manual flash environment what senses every flash and synchronous main flash but cannot be used with pre-flash TTL flash system.- S2 mode: this mode ignores the pre-flash TTL flash and synchronizes with the main flash.- multi mode: it can provide you stroboscopic flash mode. You can set the flash frequency (Hz) what means number of flashes per a second). Do not use this mode more than 10 times because may overheat and damage the head.The head zoom can be set too, the value in mm.You can set the voice prompts as well, it can be turned off or on. If it is on, depends on the meaning, it gives different rings so if you learn them you can recognize easily what it want to "say".The flash tilt is rotatable, depends on your own requirements.The amount of light is adjustable by using- the built-in white reflect board (make the subject more brighter)- the built-in wide diffuser (when the distance is less than 2 meters)- the built-in white reflect and wide diffuser at the same time- lambecy (package includes).Overall I highly recommend this flashlight, I am happy with it and say is really worth the money.
Amazing flash for the price!
So fare so good. Feels a little cheap, but still extremely great value for the price. I'm a complete casual user, really only using it for the occasional event where some friends and family are over. TTL works great too. Currently using it with EBL NiMH rechargeable batteries and its not noticeably slower than any other AA batteries (except when the charge gets low). With that said, because I'm not pushing it to its limits, I cant really speak to overheating issues that might arise from prolonged use. TL;DR: great for casual use
Decent manual flash (on-camera or wireless), but no E-TTL
Executive summary: Flash performance is impressive and consistent. Importantly, the flash does not include E-TTL technology. Consequently, this flash should be used primarily as a manual flash in a fixed setting, where the distance between the camera and subject is static (e.g., studio setting) and there is no need to vary the flash power level between shots. The flash may either be used in manual mode (i.e., on-camera hot-shoe) or as a wireless slave. It is a bit heavy so I prefer to use the flash in slave mode. Continue reading for my more detailed review.Verbal-unboxing: The speedlite flash arrived very well packaged, inside a plastic sleeve and a padded case, all inside a retail box. Also included were a plastic stand (black), a hard plastic diffuser (translucent), the aforementioned soft, padded case (black exterior, orange interior), and an 18-page set of comprehensive, though poorly-edited instructions. The speedlite arrived in excellent condition, apart from a few minor imperfections/marks in the red plastic cover of the flash sensor. The flash requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). The flash has a port for an external power adapter (not included), which is useful for a more permanent installation (e.g., in a studio setting), and a PC sync port for physical flash synchronization. The pictures in the item description are accurate.Pros:+ Ease of use. The flash may be operated atop the camera (using the hot-shoe) or remotely (in slave mode). When affixing the flash to the hot-shoe, there is a locking plate on the flash to prevent it from falling off from movement of the camera. When operating the flash remotely, there is a nifty and stable stand into which the flash slides. Incidentally, the bottom of the stand has threads that seem to indicate that it can be mounted onto a tripod mount, however I have not tested this. The flash is turned on/off by holding down the "on/off" button for two seconds. The same button, if pressed briefly, toggles the display backlight. Once turned on, the flash will charge almost instantly. Once the capacitor is fully charged, the flash/pilot light will turn on. If it does not, this likely means that the batteries do not hold sufficient charge and should be changed.+ Modes. The flash may be set to the following modes:Manual: For hot-shoe operation.Slave (S1): For slave operation. Master should be set to manual, without any TTL pre-flash.Slave (S2): For slave operation. Master may be set to TTL mode, as TTL pre-flash will be ignored.Multi: Burst flashes (e.g., strobe effect), to capture multiple images of a moving object in the same photo. The number of flashes, frequency of flashes, power level, and zoom level (i.e., coverage) may all be set. Repeated use of this mode should be avoided to prevent the flash from overheating.+ Power levels. Light power (i.e., exposure) may be adjusted, between 1/128, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1/1, in stepped increments of 0.3 EV.+ Flash coverage. Light coverage may be adjusted by varying the flash's head zoom level, which ranges from 18mm to 180mm angular coverage. For instance, 18mm will result in a broader/wider angle of coverage, while 180mm will result in a narrower/telescopic angle of coverage.+ Case. The padded case includes a thin compartment to fit the stand. The case also features a button-down cover, and a D-ring on the right hand side that may be used to attach the case to a strap/hook. The back of the case has two flaps that can be opened/closed together using velcro (e.g., to affix around a strap).+ Soft bounce. The flash includes a soft bounce diffuser, to help create a more natural-looking light and fewer shadows.+ Auto-standby / Auto-off. When the flash does not fire for 60 seconds, the flash will automatically enter standby mode to save power. Similarly, when there is no activity for 30 minutes, the flash will automatically turn off altogether. It is also recommended that one physically remove the batteries when placing the flash in storage for an extended period of time.Cons:- No E-TTL. E-TTL flash technology is used by Canon systems to pre-meter exposure immediately before the photo is taken based on a pre-flash, and automatically adjust flash settings to compensate. Unfortunately, this flash is not compatible with E-TTL technology. Consequently, the flash is restricted to manual mode or TTL technology, meaning that flash exposure is set either manually or metered at the time of the actual photo (as opposed to beforehand), respectively.- No remote custom flash settings. There is no ability to remotely adjust custom flash settings from the camera itself. My camera cannot find the flash wirelessly, likely because it is incompatible. This means that settings must be adjusted on the flash device itself. This is fine if one is using constant flash settings (e.g., where there is a fixed distance between camera and subject), but if one constantly needs to alter the settings (e.g., where there is variable distance between camera and subject), it can be tedious. The latter would be solved by an E-TTL compatible flash.Neutral:o Instructions. The instructions describe the basic operation of the flash, but could really do a better job of explaining the functions. One likely needs prior knowledge of how to use an external flash to make sense of the instructions. For someone just starting out, you should have your camera instruction manual handy because one needs to configure the camera flash settings to properly operate the external flash in slave mode.o Specifications:Weight (with stand and batteries): 490g (This is quite heavy when added to a DSLR in hot-shoe mode. The flash alone weighs a third of my entire mobile DSLR setup. Hence, I prefer to use the flash in slave mode.)Friendly request: PLEASE click “YES" in the feedback below if this review was in any way helpful to you. I write these reviews to help other consumers — my way of giving back. My reward is you benefiting from my review.
Decent manual flash (on-camera or wireless), but no E-TTL Decent manual flash (on-camera or wireless), but no E-TTL Decent manual flash (on-camera or wireless), but no E-TTL Decent manual flash (on-camera or wireless), but no E-TTL Decent manual flash (on-camera or wireless), but no E-TTL
The flash is very bright and I would recommend it. It is battery powered
Originally, I thought it came with 2 lights. The flash is very bright and I would recommend it. It is battery powered, and it doesn't come with it. It does feel heavy on the camera while using it, however, it can be something that you can get used to. It does give pictures a good flash and would continue using it.
The flash is very bright and I would recommend it. It is battery powered The flash is very bright and I would recommend it. It is battery powered
Incredibly bright, fantastic tool
Owning a Sony camera, I didn’t want to splash out on their extortionate TTL flashes, so I opted for this manual speedlight (the KF-570II), and I’m glad I did.When turned on for the first time, the display said 1/128. That means it’s flashing at 128th of its full power: once I understood that and pumped the power to 1/1, it was crazy just how bright it was.It’s a manual flash, so you need to have your camera on manual and experiment with exposure to get the right results. Set your white balance to flash, for a start!I’ve really enjoyed getting back to basics and feeling like a proper photographer with this flash, and really thinking about lighting: as I work in film, I tend to use film lights for my photography too, so it’s a challenge to visualise how an image will look taken with a flash when it’s not on all the time.This one has a motor inside to move elements about depending on your zoom range so that you can go from 18mm to 180m.My Sony needs to have a shutter speed of 200th, otherwise I get a black line halfway down the image: some flashes let you go to 800th, I think. One important thing to remember though, is that shutter speed is almost removed from the equation when considering exposure if you are using a flash: the burst of light is so fast, that whether you use 1/200 or ¼, you will likely get the same exposure as the flash only lasts 1/200th of a second.If you are in a space with strong ambient light then of course, a longer exposure will result in more light from other sources, or an image with a bit of artsy post-blur, but be careful when mixing light sources that you don’t end up with orange or blue casts.Playing with the flash power, ISO and f stop you should be able to get perfect exposure, and using the angled head to bounce light or use the attachments to soften it, you can get some very flattering shots indeed.One big plus: in the description it says you need to let it cool for 15 minutes after taking 10 flashes. I thought that was mad, and it’s not true: that is referring to an option it has to flash 10 times in a split second to get a series of shots if something is moving past you quickly, which would all end up on the same shot (such as a BMX racer doing a jump - you’d get the bike at 10 points across the same photo). Besides that quite specialised use, you can flash away merrily as often as you like and not worry at all about overheating.This is an awesome piece of professional kit, and with a digital camera to check exposure and perfect lighting, this can only make me a better photographer.
Cheap but effective
Excellent flash speedlite which I purchased for some low/high key photography. I have a high end one and this although not built as well for the price produces very similar results. I use this with a remote .. very happy with this Flash
Great piece of kit.
I've used it a few times and am very satisfied with its performance. It performs as good as more expensive one out there.

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Guide Number 54
Manual Flash Yes
Off-Camera Terminal PC
Slave Flash Mode Yes
Coverage 18-180mm
TTL Mode No
Slave/Master Mode No
Master mode No
Hi-Speed Sync No
Second-Curtain Sync No
Modeling lights No
Bounce Head Yes
Internal Power AA battery
Recycle Time 2.9s
Color Temperature 5500K±200K
Voice Prompts Yes
Suitable Camera All Camera with hot shoe
Accessories Instruction Manual/Diffuser/Light Bag/Stent
Stroboscopic Node
Flash Compensation
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