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K&F TM2515T Professional 60 inch Camera Tripod Horizontal Aluminium Tripods Portable Monopod

SKU: KF09.085

Very sturdy, portable and solid build tripod for dslr
Really liked this tripod for its built quality. This is really sturdy and rotation feels very smooth at all of the sections, the ball head have very smooth 360 rotation. The mount plate is very easy to attach and detach for dslr. I used this with my canon dslr and took many night photos with higher shutter speed and all my photos does not have any blurr as there were some time when it was windy but it holds very well. This tripod is very light weight and carry will be easy during travelling. Opening and setting it up does not take much time as its very portable and it is easy to understand all its knobs without the instruction manual. I have not checked its manual yet but after one use I know all the functions easily as the knob position is easy to know which function it is going to control. Also with 360 rotation option and that is very smooth transition, the video do not have any shaking or tearing effect. Overall I really liked this tripod for its price range and portability and light weight design. Good buy