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DSLR Camera Travel Backpack Waterproof 11.4*8.5*17.7 inches

SKU: KF13.068

Well thought out competition for premium brands
I thought I'd hold off writing this review for a few weeks so that I could speak from a position of experience, rather than the honeymoon period of a new purchase.First off, why did I choose K & F Concept? Well, a few months ago I was looking for a decent tripod but didn't want to pay premium brand prices. After much research I decided to take plunge on a tripod by K & F. I was instantly impressed. It had a quality feel, did what it was meant to, proved to be a solid mount, and yet all this at well below premium prices. I therefore decided to keep K & F on my radar for future purchases.The inevitable day came when I decided a rucsac would be in order for carrying my expanding kit. An extensive period of research followed that saw me considering other brands such as Lowepro, Manfrotto, and the host of other lesser known brands on Amazon. But I kept coming back to this product from K & F.Of note, here's what I like (and in no particular order):+ Quality build, stitching and materials.+ My Dell Inspiron 15 fits perfectly into the laptop sleeve (photography and post is now all in one location when travelling).+ The laptop sleeve is against your back which is exactly where you want the weightiest object.+ Well padded throughout the whole pack.+ Padding creates a shell like, monocoque effect giving the pack a good shape.+ Easily accessible top pocket, perfect for keys, wallet, sunnies etc.+ Rain cover.+ Tripod mount (see negatives below).+ Ample room for a DSLR and approx 4 lenses. A nifty fifty, an 85mm, and something wide would easily be accommodated. (Mines a D80 with a Tamron 18 - 270 fitted).+ Convenient grab handle at the top which gets used a lot.+ The pack came with a complimentary cleaning kit; puffer, brush, spray bottle and lens cloth.+ Dedicated filter / memory card flap.+ Quick side access to camera whilst pack is still on the left shoulder.What I think could be improved:- The tripod mount. Other packs have a pull out pocket that supports the tripod's legs.(Yup, that's it, and still 5 stars from me).In sum, for the money I'm very impressed. With a quality feel, it contains several features that other premium brands don't seem to be able to match for the price. It's well thought out and a great grab-and-go pack that has accompanied me on several photography forays.Well done K & F. Another thumbs up from me.