[4X Optical Zoom] Recharge power Security Camera PTZ Outdoor for Home Security with Human Detection Auto Tracking-EU Standard

SKU: KF50.0003EU

  • 79.99
Overall Rating 4.8   11
All your security needs in one camera
The camera was a lot larger than I thought it was going to be but boy does it do some amazing things. Not only does it have a great night vision it also can be powered directly or via Wi-Fi. After testing the camera for several days I found that it is good at tracking as well. If you really want to take advantage of it make sure you put it on the corner of your house so you can use the full range of motion. The optical zoom also comes in handy when you were trying to see things that are a little farther away. And it works great even with the night vision. And with its full range you don't have to get as many cameras as you would if they were only static View.
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Enough brightness
Cheap and works so well! Even if you don't know how to take photos or are just starting out, this flash is simple to figure out and can configure to your camera and since it works with many different brands, the universalness of it rocks! Lighting is bright everytime with never a misfire. Like that it flickers to let you know when it's about to activate.
Highly recommend! Go ahead and get it now.
Amazing! Why did I wait 18 months to get this? I should have had it day one! It shows the best view of baby and can hook onto anything; the crib, a dresser, a shelf. My daughter was grabbing the monitor hooked to her crib and we didn’t have a way of mounting the camera. This is the perfect solution. We have recommended it to many already.
Nikkianna D.
Study and Bendy (in a good way)
This product is study and comes in one piece. While no instructions were included, it took me all of a minute to figure out how to use. The clamps has rubber, so it won’t damage the crib and I was able to really screw it on. The bendy neck is quite stiff and long, so I can angle the camera any which way. Happy with the purchase.
Amazing video quality!
We have used this baby monitor for a few days and absolutely love it! The quality of the video is amazing, I can see details in my daughters face while she sleeps. I wish I had this camera from the beginning. We had so many problems with our last monitor and this one seems so much more durable already.
Jeffrey Lopez
Not your average "cheap" flash
Don't let the price tag fool you! This is a quality "manual" flash! The weight feels solid in your hand even without batteries. It's manual so you won't be able to use the flash settings in your camera, however for the price tag, it doesn't bother me one bit! Planning on buying a couple more in the future!
Won't connect (updated)
Tried everything, but can't get camera to connect. I suspect their cloud servers are down? The QR link to their website is also down.It's a paper weight at this point, and won't work at all.Sending it back....UPDATE:A second unit worked f=perfectly, so I guess I just received a dud the first time. The working unit is great!
Great hidden cam that is easy to hide
This hidden camera works great and is super easy to hide either in an office or house. What’s even better is that the usb ports all are fully functioning to make it blend in with everyday items really nicely. Quality of cam is pretty good for steaming and app is very responsive. Motion detection is very sensitive which is good in my opinion. Highly recommend this unit.
Vacanze senza pensieri
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 Ho sempre utilizzato le cover trasparenti per cellulari ma non c'è confronto con una actioncam. Questo modello da 20 megapixel è davvero buono. Acquisto consigliato per la doppia batteria e la vasta gamma di accessori per usare la camera in ogni occasione.
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