72mm Fader ND2-ND32 (1-5 Stop) Variable ND Lens Filter Neutral Density Filter for Camera Lens NO X Spot Nanotec Ultra-Slim Weather-Sealed

SKU: KF01.1062

What size front thread?
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For this series, front thread diameter is bigger than the back thread diameter. for example: Back thread diameter (attach to lens): 40.5mm Front thread diameter (attach additional filter/other accessories): 43mm ND FILTER size front thread 37mm 40.5mm 40.5mm 43mm 43mm 46mm 46mm 49mm 49mm 52mm 52mm 55mm 55mm 58mm 58mm 62mm 62mm 67mm 67mm 72mm 72mm 77mm 77mm 82mm 82mm 86mm