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K&F M10115 M42-FX PRO,New in 2020 high precision lens adapter (orange)

SKU: KF06.434

Great for using FD lenses on APC-S sensor cameras (Rebel T5)
My partner wanted to get back into photography and she wanted to upgrade from her older Rebel T1i to a newer camera and went with the Rebel T5 which was on sale. She was ecstatic when she saw how wonderful my pictures came out when I was shooting on a Panasonic G7 and with older Canon FD lenses using a focal reducer.We got this adapter to go with her Rebel T5 and she paired it with a vintage Canon FD 50mm f1.8 lens. We noticed a lot of haziness and softness at f1.8. I thought it may be the lens itself, maybe fungus or debris. We thoroughly checked the lens and it's extremely clean, almost perfect. The adapter is clean as well.