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Fashion DSLR Camera Backpack for Travel Outdoor Photography fit Canon Nikon

SKU: KF13.066

great purchase for camera lover
The backpack has plenty of space and is able to carry almost any size camera. It has a customizable interior which is always a nice option. You are able to fit two DSLRs or bigger cameras like the Red depending on how you want customize it, along with a few lenses and a small drone!The backpack is great for traveling, hiking, and even camping. There are four things I always look for when buying a camera backpack: Space, Comfort, durability, and fashionable. This bag checks off all four requirements for me. The padding in the back makes it very comfortable to walk around with for hours at a time. The leather pieces on the backpack and design look very professional.The camera bag keeps your gear safe from thieves or even different weather conditions. I am always paranoid while traveling that my gear will be stolen when I’m wearing the backpack. The main compartment to your camera and lenses are located behind your back when wearing it, along the padded area. This makes it very difficult for anyone to steal any valuable gear. It also has buckets along with zippers, which keep your gear safe. The backpack can deal with various weather conditions too, it even comes with a rain cover for the backpack. I’ve been through snow, rain, and sand with this backpack.I included a few photos above to show how I personally customize it for my needs! Together, I can fit multiple lenses, 2 cameras and a drone. As a traveling director and photographer, I am always looking for a camera bag that has a great build quality and can carry all of my gear. I am very happy with this purchase!