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K&F XN25 77mm ND1000 Filter 10 Stop ND Lens Filter

SKU: KF01.977

K&F XN25 77mm ND1000 Filter 10 Stop ND Lens Filter
Initially not too impressed...Will Update with tests
I was really excited to get this to try out long exposures.I open the shipping box & analyze the product for a sec, and think "hmm, K&F packaging is pretty nice, hopefully the filter is of as much value..." Outside box was sealed with a \'tamper-proof\' plastic covering, inside the box is a nice hard protective case, so I wasn\'t expecting to find the filter petty much covered in particles of cardboard on both sides! Took my Rocket blower and blew the cardboard away, inspected for any visible scratches, couldn\'t see any (with my eye) but will inspect with a test pic tomorrow.In hand, the filter appears to be worth it\'s price, (the real test is in the pictures to come). Threads are clean, but I could not get them to mate up smoothly, seemed a bit sloppy when threading on, not as smooth as some other filters I have, my Hoya Triple Peak, is really smooth threading on for comparison.Will Update with pics soon! ...hopefully no scratches..