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K&F TC2534 Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit for DSLR Camera Lightweight

SKU: KF09.010

K&F TC2534 Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit for DSLR Camera Lightweight
One of the best tripods I have ever owned at any price range.
This is a long-time review of the K&F Concept TC2534 66 inch Professional tripod and the company behind the product. I purchased this tripod in early 2016 to be a lightweight tripod I could strap on my camera backpack when hiking. I have used $25.00 to $1400.00 tripods and this tripod is well worth the cost and the company\'s customer service is outstanding. A few months after purchase I had a rubber foot come unscrewed and the company sent me a replacement. Reciently I had a plastic component inside the upper part of one leg break "after almost 2-years of constant use" and contacted customer service again. This company is so good at standing behind their products. So the price is great, the customer service is outstanding, now I will talk about how the tripod performs in the field.The sole reason I purchased this tripod was to use in the field while hiking, doing landscape and when doing my other photo shoots. This tripod has the ability to stand 66 inches or get as low to the ground as you would want to get. You can put any head you want on this tripod "I often use a Manphoto 410" and you can mount the camera below the tripod for product or macro photography. I mount both my Fuji XPro and my Mamiya 645 AFD II Medium Format camera with complete stability.I HIGHLY recommend this tripod for all photographers.