Drone Filter DJI Mavic 3 Pro CPL Filter Multi Coated HD Optical Glass with Anti-reflective Green Coating

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Are the ND values of ND and ND&PL filters the same?
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The ND values of the three filters are different. In order to avoid the phenomenon that the wide-angle camera and the medium-telephoto camera are properly exposed and the telephoto camera is under-exposed, the light reduction values of the three lenses are slightly different. For example: ND8 for wide angle, ND8 for medium telephoto, ND0 for telephoto ND16 for wide angle, ND16 for medium telephoto, ND8 for telephoto ND32 for wide angle, ND32 for medium telephoto, ND16 for telephoto Wide-angle ND64, medium telephoto ND64, telephoto ND3 The ND & PL filter is also the same as the ND value distribution of the ND filter