67”/1.7m Aluminum Video Camera Tripod Transverse Center Column 22lbs/10kg Load Flexible for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR,T255A4+BH-28L (TM2515T1)

SKU: KF09.085

Can i use this tripod as an overhead using a webcam? i have a logitech c920.
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The maximum height is 67", including the center column vertically. Using the center column horizontally reduces max height to 49". The center column goes horizontal for 10" until you see a STOP sign. Probably much more useful and cheaper is a light stand boom. Check this out on Amazon for $40. Neewer Heavy Duty Light Stand Support, 7 feet/2 Meters Adjustable Tripod Light Stand with 4 feet/1.31 Meters Holding Arm and Sandbag for Studio Video Light Monolight and Other Photographic Equipment