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K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit for YouTube, Vlog Windscreen 3.5mm for Phone and Camera -K&F concept

4.9 17 Review(s) SKU:KF10.014
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept k&f camera video microphone kit for youtube, vlog windscreen 3.5mm for phone and camera -k&f concept online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • KF10.014
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 46.99
K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit for YouTube, Vlog Windscreen 3.5mm for Phone and Camera -K&F concept
  • • 1. Equipped with a professional desktop tripod bracket and mobile phone holder, convenient for the mobile phone to directly fix the recording;
  • • 2. The desktop triangle is directly equipped with a 1/4-inch interface, which can be connected to the pan/tilt at any time or directly clip and take pictures;
  • • 3. The K&F mobile phone holder relies on the PTZ rotation mode, and the mobile phone holder can be rotated at will;
  • • 4. The K&F phone holder is equipped with a silicone pad to prevent the phone from scratching. The bottom is a standard 1/4-inch nut interface, which can be connected to a tripod/selfie stick;
  • • 5. The K&F mobile phone holder is equipped with a hot shoe position, which can be connected to equipment such as microphones and fill lights to realize multiple applications of one product. K&F phone holder can fit smart phones 2.2-3.6 inches wide, including iPhone and Android smart phones
K&F Camera Video Microphone Kit
For YouTube Vlog Windscreen 3.5mm for Phone and Camera
Directional Microphone
270° super-cardioid pointing, Sensitive pickup
Mini portable
Battery Free Plug and play
Alloy sound collecting tube
Anodizing treatment to shield electromagnetic interference
Perfect sound quality
Windproof and noise reduction Improve sound quality
DSLR camera
Beauty light use
Strong compatibility
Equipped with two 3.5mm MIC interfaces
Extendable desktop tripod
Depressible buckle
1/4 inch interface
Phone clip
Standard hot shoe
1/4 inch interface
360° rotation
Feel free to switch your phone direction
Package List
Bracket x1 / Phone clip x1 / Windproof cotton x1 / Camera conversion line x1 / Mobile phone conversion line x1 / Manual x1
Overall Rating   4.9   
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Excellent sound quality for webex calls
This is an amazing mic! I hesitate to even add some sort of disclaimer, like it’s amazing *for the price*, because quite honestly, it’s AMAZING, period. The price just makes how great it is even more of a bonus. I was really quite impressed with this, particularly upon opening the box and seeing the accessories that came with the mic. It’s a pretty complete package for a portable microphone, and will allow you to do on the go recordings with your phone or camera. I got it to use with the Moukey mini tripod (see my separate review for that), which is also very impressive. The two work together well - the mic can either work on its own with the tripod, or you can attach it to either your camera or to the cell phone adapter that also attaches to the tripod. All in all, it’s super versatile. I took a pic of the mic mounted onto the tripod, but I didn’t have it hooked to my phone in the pic, although the reason why I like this capability so much is that it will allow for recording podcasts or songs (there’s a karaoke app I like to use on my phone lol). I’m very, very pleased with this mic. So far I have tried it out for sound for video, podcasting, and a few songs, and the sound quality is nice and clear. I am not picking up on much distortion at all, although the room I was using it in is the room I record in at home, so I have it set up for that. The noise cancellation is on par with my other (MUCH more expensive) microphone, which makes this a really impressive mic! Highly recommend if you are looking for a portable mic that will perform.
Excellent sound quality for webex calls Excellent sound quality for webex calls
Light and easy to use..
Light and easy to use..
Really nice sound.
Bought this and it worked great....in quiet environment. So I thought it would work. I went to an outdoor event to vlog, used this mic outdoors for live YouTube videos and for future video. All my outdoor audio in wind and outdoor sounds made my audio choppy!
Great product!
I have been very impressed by this microphone. The sound quality is great. Nice and clear. It also comes with an adjustable tripod that makes is super handy. The microphone works with multiple devices, including my phone, DSLR camera, and computer. Great product!
Great for podcasts, recording tutorials, and streaming.
This is a very practical microphone, it has a very good radio effect, and release a very nice sound
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