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5 in 1 Circular Reflector 43 Inch/110cm Portable Foldable Reflector/Diffuser With Grip & Carrying Case, Suitable for Photography Studio and Outdoor Lighting

4.7 6 Review(s) GW52.0004
$23.99 $45.99
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Free Shipping. 30 Day No Reason Return. Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver suitable for photography studio lighting and outdoor lighting.
  • GW52.0004
  • SKU: GW52.0004
  • 23.99
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  • • Easy to use-there are two comfortable handles on the reflector, allowing you to use it with just one hand. Provide a better experience than traditional reflectors.
  • • Portable-Folding size is only 15 inches, with a carrying case, suitable for travel or storage. Suitable for outdoor photography activities.
  • • Durable-multiple high-quality layers and raised texture design. This makes the life of the reflector nearly 80% longer than ordinary reflectors, and the reflectivity can reach 90%!
  • • Multifunctional—4-color cover and translucent panel, suitable for different photography needs. Help you improve the efficiency of photography creation.
  • • The multi-layer design saves 80% of the pigment loss compared with ordinary reflectors.

name5 in 1 folding reflector material
Reviews (6)
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Handles Improve and Already Good Product
This 5-in-1 is pretty cool. I also have the older model, without the handles, that I have been using for a few years. One thing I noticed, though, was how difficult it can be to hold onto it in the wind. My assistants always struggle with it. These handles make the product so much more user-friendly.I generally use the internal diffuser fabric and the silver reflector part of this 5-in-1, so I can't speak to the effectiveness of the gold or black sides. But I love the softening effect of the light when using it as a diffuser.
Great and handy
Awesome I tell you
Great size and quality
Great size and quality. I was very nervous when I first bought this item that the quality was not going to be up to par with other companies but I really like it. It ended up being a lot bigger than I realized and so it is perfect for all the photography I use it for.
Big, good reflections but cumbersome for one person crew.
It reflects fine, good size, packs small and light. I just need a good light stand to hold it, or an intern, which ever is cheaper.
I Love that it is compact and folds up easily for ...
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There is no need to deliberately tidy it up. The only purpose of the reflector is to push light into the shadows, so having wrinkles will not affect its use. 
Non è necessario riordinarlo deliberatamente. L'unico scopo del riflettore è quello di spingere la luce nelle ombre, quindi avere le rughe non influirà sul suo utilizzo.