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K&F TM2515T Professional 60 inch Camera Tripod Horizontal Aluminium Tripods Portable Monopod

SKU: KF09.085

I love the Fluid Head
Recently, my tripod I had before almost dropped my $3,000 camera setup. So I was in the market for a new tripod.I've used products from K&F before, and they work exceptionally well. I personally owned their ND filter which pairs really well with my Sony A7III.I am a content creator on YouTube and I also do real estate photography. So having a nice sturdy tripod is a necessity. I use my tripods almost on a daily basis, from recording videos, shooting b-roll, and real estate photography. Even though this tripod is not as light as my previous one. This one has a lot more benefits and features. The head of this tripod is amazing. It almost has a fluid like movement when you want to pan your camera. I really love that action. My previous tripod did not do anything like this. I'm still getting used to all of the knobs and dials that this tripod has, but I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it in the upcoming weeks.One of the key features that I really like about the tripod is that I can do overhead shots. This was something that I've been wanting to do without trying to buy an expensive and heavy C-stand. I wanted something that I can have that's portable. The tripod does fold-down pretty nicely in a small condensed package.So after a few days of use, it's still too early to see the longevity of this tripod, but I'm pretty sure this will last me for years to come.