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Multifunctional DSLR Camera Travel Backpack for Outdoor Photography Waterproof 10.63*6.69*16.53 inches

Product Code: KF13.087

Multifunctional DSLR Camera Travel Backpack for Outdoor Photography Waterproof 10.63*6.69*16.53 inches
Thoughts by someone who uses a LowePro Protactic 450 AW
As a photographer and filmmaker, I use and access some very expensive equipment. Think Canon L series lenses, 1DX bodies, strobes, continuous lights, microphones, the list goes on. But when it comes to camera peripherals, it is not always true that you get what you pay for. There are some delightful budget surprises out there and this backpack is one of them.For a start, it is reasonably priced and it is much better constructed than my three pricier old backpacks by a series of name-brand manufacturers. In fact, this K&F is just as ‘pro’ as the main backpack I currently use to move between locations. So why did I buy it, you might ask, if I already have a high-end backpack?Well, my main bag is the much venerated LowePro ProTactic 450 AW. It’s become more popular recently due to lot of positive YouTube reviews. I’ve had mine for years. The 450 is a large, high quality backpack. The main zip is on the inside, which ostensibly stops thieves in their tracks. I say ostensibly because the 450 still has pockets at the sides which don’t stop thieves at all. So it’s not perfect. It also has pretty thin straps which mean that although you can pack the kitchen sink, you can’t carry it for long because the weight is not distributed well across the terrible thin straps. And despite what has been said in reviews, the 450 still looks like a camera backpack. I mean, attaching a gorillapod to it is a bit of a giveaway about the contents, no?When I don’t need to take the kitchen sink and I just want to enjoy the day, the 450 is total overkill. On those days, all I need is one camera body with an attached lens and, at most, a mirrorless compact for another focal length if I really need it.Enter this delightfully unassuming and immaculately built navy backpack by K&F Concept. The features are all quite obvious from the product images, which I’ve supplemented in this review with my own pictures.As you can see, the backpack has a protective compartment with extra velcro inserts which easily houses a Canon DSLR body and lens (the one you see is the 16-35 but it also houses the 24-70 just fine). It also leaves enough room for another mirrorless body or premium compact. I use Fujifilm X series cameras so I’ve put one in to show you how things could fit for you.In the other photo, I’ve shown you that a 70-200 easily fits in the top compartment with lots of room to spare. So you really could use this as your day-pack with a 16-35, 70-200 and a mirrorless body with room for lunch, a water bottle, a phone, an LED light, a notepad, cuddly toy, etc.As someone who has owned a lot of camera bags, the build quality of this K&F is the best I’ve encountered in years. The materials chosen are high quality, the stitching is excellent and there is no cruel, silly use of leather. The design cues are thoughtful, including pockets for your SD cards, a rain cover which goes over the entire backpack, and a tripod support buckle if you need it. The padding in the straps and the extra padding on the back (see my picture) makes the whole thing more comfortable under the same load than my main LowePro 450 backpack.Overall, this K&F is a fantastic day pack. It is light, highly capable and very well designed. It is not true that you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get a bit more.