82mm ND1000 Filter Brass Frame Multifunctional HD Ultra-Thin 36-Layer Anti-Reflection Green Film Nano-X PRO Series

SKU: KF01.1995

  • 105.99
Overall Rating 5   62
Beautifully packaged, high-quality filter
The K&F Concept Nano-X PRO series ND1000 filter arrived quickly.

The packaging alone is a feast for the eyes.
The cardboard in black and gold. Very high quality. And also sustainable because the packaging can be used as a picture frame. A small piece of cardboard is included for this purpose, which acts as a stand.
That's a really great idea.

Then the pencil case. Nice material, with fabric and leather. Really well made.
There is a small tab on the side to get the filter out of the pencil case.
A cleaning cloth is also included.

The filter itself is also of very good quality. Very high-quality materials. Great workmanship.

With the help of adapter rings, it can be easily screwed onto my lens.
I still need to practice using the filter correctly. But I'm already really excited.

The only drawback, if you may call it that. There is no reference to the content on the pencil case, if you now have multiple filters, then you don't know what you're holding in your hand at first.
Beautifully packaged, high-quality filter Beautifully packaged, high-quality filter Beautifully packaged, high-quality filter