[4X Optical Zoom] Recharge power Security Camera PTZ Outdoor for Home Security with Human Detection Auto Tracking-EU Standard

SKU: KF50.0003EU

  • 79.99
Overall Rating 4.8   11
needs to be close to the internet modem
that needs to be close to the internet,if not stop working.
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End of an era.
Great way to finish and close the curtains,' break a leg Daniel'
Easy setup if you read the instructions
Fits well in front of the tv, close to the surround sound effect.
Angelyn Colon Angelyn Colon
Amazing. Recommend!
I love these lights. Easy to install and they look super elegant. Fully recommend it. Although, I had to used different wall anchors and screws. The wall anchors that came were on the cheap side. So, I used the one I had at home
Excellent product
We placed them along stairs and they work perfectly. The motion sensor activated just as you start climbingstairs and lights remain on until you reach end of stairs. Lights charge within reasonable time.We highly recommend this great product.Instead of stick -on- -wall, we screwed a small metal plate unto the wall and then used adhesive pad tothe wall plate, this made it easier to remove/ replace the light.
Cliff Smith
Four Stars
Works best for distance. Close shots may wash out.
Jesse Jesse
Very easy to set up, even gives suggestions if the clamps don’t fit properly by themselves. Due to the frame of my desk I just had to insert a block of wood and it was incredibly secure. My arms happened to be at the perfect tension for my monitor weights but you can adjust more or less tension as needed. My only piece of advice is if your desk is close to a wall you might have to find a good way to position the arms so they don’t stick out over the back. I had no issue with this I just mounted on the back left side of my desk so the arm is fulled extended to bring my primary monitor to the preferred part of my desk which allows it to remain flush with the wall behind my desk. Currently waiting on a new monitor to mount vertically with the other arm. Desk in photos in 55 inches in length
Jennifer F
Great lights!
These work great. We have an old farmhouse and we have to walk across the rooms in the dark to get to a light switch. The motion sensor lights definitely make this task easier. I also put one in a dark cabinet and it works great. Note that the adhesive tape is very strong. Make sure to put the light exactly where you want it the first time. I pulled mine off of the wall and it pulled off the wallpaper. There are also little holes on the back of the light, so you can put it on the wall with a very small nail. It stays well this way unless you have grandkids or small kids who like to touch everything. Read the directions and make sure not to install them too close together. Keep in mind that these only work in the dark. For example, if you put them in a staircase, the top ones will work (if it is darker towards the top) and the lower ones may not work if there is light downstairs.
The HONEST Momma - Janine Furtado The HONEST Momma - Janine Furt
A total game changer!
I am beyond impressed with this monitor! The night vision blows our last 3 monitors out of the water! The install was fool proof! I love that the cable covers were included. And the twig that attaches to the wall is such a cool touch!And I’m so glad that this connects to your phone! We hated the traditional parent unit that you get stuck having to charge and carry around with you. You likely have your phone close by so this is the Lollipop connecting to your phone is PERFECT!The price point it great and the shipping was so fast!Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!