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Kentfaith provides 3 shipping options for your choices(Some remote countries and islands are only available for express delivery)

1. Free shipping: coverage to 98% of cities and countries with 7~15 days shipping time
2. Express shipping: pay for 3~7 days shipping time
3. Overseas shipping: pay for your local shipping with 2~4 days shipping time

Express freight varies from products, warehouses, destinations and the shipping method you choose, it is difficult to have a fixed freight.  You can view specific shipping charges on the product page or at the checkout page. Or contact our customer service team at for specific shipping charges.

Please refer to the Shipping & Delivery for details.


We can ship our products to most countries and offer a free shipping service for most of them.

You can check on the checkout page to see if shipping is available for you. if no , please CONTACT US for help.

If an item is no longer listed it is likely it has been discontinued or your search way is wrong, you can search by product keywords, model name, SKU to find it; however if you really liked something and you can’t find it anymore. Details, please CONTACT US to get more information.

Many countries do not charge import duties on private items below a certain stated value. However, you may find that you have to pay taxes when goods you’ve ordered from us arrive in your country, this usually happened to some Sounth American countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina which is decided by your custom policy. Other countries generally have no tax issues(with free shipping).

Taxes and fees depend on the type of goods you buy and the value. Different countries may have different tax policies on specific products. You can confirm this with your local customs.

Kentfaith can’t give you advice or information about tax rates and customs charges in your country.

Please note that ALL import taxes / duties are the buyer’s responsibility. Kentfaith is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products.


If you purchased goods from a shipping place located in the EU, this part of the tax is borne by the seller since the goods are already in the EU, so you don’t need to pay any additional taxes after purchase.

If from China, It depended on which shipping you choosed.

1. free shipping: our price includes VAT, you will not have trouble to be charged
2. express shipping fee: Import duties may be charged and buyer is responsiable for this,you may further check with relevant tax/customs authority to learn more about this. but as our past experience, most of orders will not have tax problem.

Please note that ALL import taxes / duties are the buyer’s responsibility. Kentfaith is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products.


There are numerous reasons why you can not use a coupon:

Below are some of the most common scenarios:

- The coupon has expired;
- The coupon has already been used;
- The coupon has a usage limit;
- The coupon code has been entered incorrectly;
- The coupon can not be redeemed on any of the products in your shopping cart.

If one of your coupons is not working and you do not know why, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


Kentfaith provides 3 shipping options for your choices(Some remote countries and islands are only available for express delivery)

  • 1. Free shipping: coverage to 98% of cities and countries with 7~15 days shipping time.
  • 2. Express shipping: pay for 3~7 days shipping time.
  • 3. Overseas shipping: pay for your local shipping with 2~4 days shipping time.

Express freight varies from products, warehouses, destinations and the shipping method you choose. it is difficult to have a fixed freight. You can view specific shipping charges on the product page or at the checkout page.


Kentfaith focuses on B2C cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to bringing high-quality goods, efficient supply chain, Overseas warehouses shipment and top class customer service to the world. In Kentfaith you can enjoy:

  • 1. A wide range of more than 100000 products
  • 2. The best bang for your buck
  • 3. Professional customer service
  • 4. Profitable partnerships with us
  • 5. Free or low-cost shipping methods
  • 6. No minimum order quantity
  • 7. PayPal, credit card, boleto and other payment methods
  • 8. Drop-shipping orders delivered directly to your customers and other partnership programs
Coupons are a great way of saving extra money on your orders. You can use coupons issued by Kentfaith when you purchase products from our website . Using coupons will reduce the cost of your order. Remember-A coupon can only be used once. Coupons issued by Kentfaith can be divided into All Categories Coupon, Category Coupon, Brand Coupon, Activity Coupon, and Commodity Coupon. Additionally, Kentfaith also provides POINT REWARDS can be superimposed with coupons.
Dear K&F customer, Open method on computer: Open the coupon package in the coupon window on the right side of the homepage of the webpage.