82mm CPL & ND2-32 Lens Filter in Brass Filter Ring, 36-layer-coated Ultra-thin HD Optical Glass, Nano-X Pro Series

SKU: KF01.2003

Can the filters be stacked? For example, putting "82mm MCUV Nano-X PRO Series" on top and the "82mm Black Mist Filter 1/8 Nano-X Series" between them? Does the "82mm Magnetic Metal Lens Cap 2-in-1" work for this one?
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Hello,put on the CPL filter or mist filter then screw on the Variable ND on top.Stacking filters in general can create different effects and bring out your creativity. The only caution is that as you put more filters on the lens you can create vignetting or the cutting off of the corners of your picture. This can happen more with wide angle lenses. You’ll also get vignetting by stacking neutral density filters, depending upon which ones you stack and the order you stack them you’ll get varied effects. We don’t recommend stacking a VND filter but if you do, make it the last one because of the threads.