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  • * KF35.133 =KF35.127S1=KF35.127V1+KF28.0011*2+KF42.0013 Fast Trigger Speed: 0.2 seconds for capturing quick movements:The wireless wifi trail camera has a fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, ensuring that you never miss any action in the field. Whether it's a passing animal or a fleeting moment, this camera captures it all with precision and speed.
  • * Multiple Consecutive Shots: Capture up to 10 shots in a row:With the ability to take consecutive shots, this camera allows you to capture multiple angles and moments in a single instance. Whether you want to capture the perfect wildlife shot or document a sequence of events, this camera has got you covered.
  • * Wireless Connectivity: Connect via Bluetooth and WIFI:The wireless wifi trail camera offers seamless connectivity options. You can easily connect to the camera using Bluetooth or WIFI, allowing you to control and view the camera remotely. This feature provides convenience and flexibility in monitoring and managing your camera.
  • * Moon Image Watermarking: Add a unique touch to your photos:With moon image watermarking support, this camera allows you to add a unique and personalized touch to your photos. Whether you're a professional photographer or an outdoor enthusiast, this feature adds a creative element to your wildlife photography.
  • * Long Battery Life: Powered by 8PCS LR6(AA) batteries:The wireless wifi trail camera is powered by 8PCS LR6(AA) batteries, providing a reliable and long-lasting power source. This ensures that your camera stays operational for extended periods, allowing you to capture and monitor wildlife without worrying about battery life.
Free shipping worldwide
Secure Transaction

Multiple payment options:

Quality Guarantee

Kentfaith items enjoy [Quality Guarantee]. If the item you purchased has quality issues or problems caused by non-users and enjoys "Quality Guarantee", Kentfaith will provide comprehensive after-sales service.

No Reason Return

In order to improve your shopping experience at Kentfaith, the items you purchased (which doesn't apply to giveaways) can be returned for a refund for no reason (such as dislike, wrong purchase, and other non-product quality issues).

A wireless WiFi trail camera is a type of outdoor surveillance camera that is designed to capture images or videos of wildlife or other activities in remote areas. It is equipped with built-in WiFi technology, allowing it to connect to a local network or directly to a smartphone or computer.

These cameras are typically used by hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, or researchers to monitor and study animal behavior, track game movement, or simply observe nature. The wireless WiFi feature enables users to remotely access the camera's live feed or recorded footage from their mobile devices or computers, providing convenience and flexibility in monitoring and managing the camera.

The camera is usually battery-powered and equipped with motion sensors, which trigger the camera to start recording or taking pictures when it detects movement. The captured images or videos are then transmitted wirelessly to the connected device, where they can be viewed, downloaded, or shared.

Wireless WiFi trail cameras are popular due to their ease of use, versatility, and ability to provide real-time monitoring and remote access to footage. They are often weatherproof and designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making them suitable for long-term outdoor use.

wireless wifi trail camera

Application Scenarios:

1. Wildlife Monitoring: The wireless WiFi trail camera is perfect for monitoring wildlife in remote areas. It can be set up in forests, national parks, or even your backyard to capture high-resolution images and videos of animals in their natural habitat. With its wireless connectivity, you can remotely access the camera's feed and receive real-time notifications whenever it detects motion or captures an image.

2. Home Security: Use the wireless WiFi trail camera as a home security system. Install it near your front door, backyard, or any other vulnerable areas of your property. The camera's motion detection feature will instantly alert you on your smartphone whenever it detects any suspicious activity. You can also access the camera's live feed remotely to monitor your home while you're away.

3. Hunting and Game Monitoring: Hunters can benefit from the wireless WiFi trail camera to monitor game activity in specific areas. By strategically placing the camera in hunting grounds, it can capture images or videos of animals passing by. The wireless connectivity allows hunters to remotely access the camera's feed and plan their hunting strategy accordingly.

4. Farm and Livestock Monitoring: Farmers can use the wireless WiFi trail camera to monitor their livestock and farm activities. By placing the camera in barns, pastures, or feeding areas, farmers can keep an eye on their animals remotely. The camera's motion detection feature can help identify any potential threats or monitor the health and behavior of the livestock.

5. Outdoor Adventure and Surveillance: The wireless WiFi trail camera can be used for outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, or fishing. It can capture stunning images and videos of scenic landscapes or record memorable moments with friends and family. Additionally, the camera can also serve as a surveillance tool to monitor campsites or fishing spots, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

wireless wifi trail camera1

Related accessories:

1. Wireless Remote Control: A wireless remote control is an essential accessory for a wireless WiFi trail camera. It allows you to remotely control the camera's settings, such as adjusting the focus, zoom, and exposure, without physically touching the camera. This is particularly useful when the camera is mounted in a hard-to-reach location or when you want to avoid disturbing wildlife.

2. Solar Panel Charger: Since WiFi trail cameras are often used in remote outdoor locations, having a solar panel charger is a great accessory to ensure continuous power supply. The solar panel charger harnesses the sun's energy to charge the camera's batteries, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements or worrying about running out of power during extended periods of use.

3. Protective Case: A durable and waterproof protective case is crucial for safeguarding your wireless WiFi trail camera from harsh weather conditions, accidental drops, and potential theft. Look for a case that offers a snug fit, easy access to the camera's controls, and additional compartments to store extra batteries and memory cards.

4. Mounting Bracket: A sturdy mounting bracket is essential for securely attaching your wireless WiFi trail camera to trees, posts, or other surfaces. Look for a bracket that offers adjustable angles and a secure locking mechanism to ensure the camera remains stable and captures the desired field of view.

5. SD Card Reader: A high-speed SD card reader is a handy accessory for quickly transferring your trail camera's photos and videos to your computer or mobile device. Look for a reader that supports the latest SD card formats and offers fast data transfer speeds to save you time and streamline your workflow.

wireless wifi trail camera2

Common problems:

Error 1: "Camera is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network"

Solution: Ensure that the camera is within the range of the Wi-Fi network and that the network is functioning properly. Check if the camera's Wi-Fi settings are correctly configured, including the correct network name (SSID) and password. Restart both the camera and the Wi-Fi router. If the issue persists, try resetting the camera's network settings and reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

Error 2: "Poor image quality or blurry photos"

Solution: Check if the camera lens is clean and free from any smudges or dirt. Adjust the focus settings on the camera to ensure sharp image capture. If the camera has manual focus, experiment with different focus distances to find the optimal setting. If the issue persists, try increasing the camera's resolution settings for higher image quality. Additionally, ensure that there is sufficient lighting for clear image capture, as low light conditions can result in blurry photos.

Error 3: "Camera battery drains quickly"

Solution: Check if the camera's battery is fully charged. If not, charge the battery completely before use. Ensure that the camera is not left in standby mode for extended periods, as this can drain the battery. Adjust the camera's power-saving settings to optimize battery life. If the issue persists, consider using a higher capacity battery or an external power source, such as a solar panel or power bank, to extend the camera's operating time.

Error 4: "Camera is not triggering or capturing motion events"

Solution: Ensure that the camera's motion detection feature is enabled and properly configured. Adjust the sensitivity settings to avoid false triggers or to capture all desired motion events. Check if there are any obstructions blocking the camera's field of view, such as branches or leaves. Make sure that the camera is positioned correctly to capture the desired area. If the issue persists, try updating the camera's firmware to the latest version, as it may include bug fixes or improvements related to motion detection.

wireless wifi trail camera3

Related technologies:

1. Remote Monitoring and Control: One of the latest application technologies in wireless WiFi trail cameras is the ability to remotely monitor and control the camera using a smartphone or computer. With WiFi connectivity, users can access the camera's live feed, adjust settings, and even trigger the camera remotely. This feature is particularly useful for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters who can monitor their trail cameras from the comfort of their homes or while on the go.

2. Instant Image Transfer: Another key application technology is the ability to instantly transfer captured images or videos from the trail camera to a connected device. This eliminates the need to physically retrieve the camera's SD card to view the media. Users can quickly review and share their wildlife captures without any delay, making the wireless WiFi trail camera a convenient and efficient tool.

3. Real-time Notifications: WiFi-enabled trail cameras can also send real-time notifications to the user's connected device when motion is detected or when an image or video is captured. This feature allows users to stay updated on wildlife activity in their chosen area without constantly checking the camera manually. It is especially beneficial for researchers or hunters who need to be alerted immediately when something of interest is captured.

4. Cloud Storage and Backup: Many wireless WiFi trail cameras now offer cloud storage options, allowing users to automatically upload their media to a secure online platform. This feature provides an additional layer of data backup and ensures that valuable images and videos are not lost even if the camera is damaged or stolen. Cloud storage also enables easy access to media from multiple devices, making it convenient for sharing or organizing wildlife captures.

wireless wifi trail camera4

Product parameters:

External alkaline battery specification : 8PCS LR6(AA) Battery: 6V

Link method : Bluetooth switch camera WIFI

Moon image watermarking : Support

Number of consecutive shots : 1 shot in a row, 2 shots in a row, 3 shots in a row, 10 shots in a row

Trigger photo speed : 0.2 seconds

Sleep current : about 0.20mA

PIR sensing angle : 120 degrees

File formats : JPEG/AVI

Exposure control : Automatic

Dust and waterproof rating : IP66

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Easy to Set Up and Use
The iZEEKER Dual-Lens Trail Camera 4K, 48MP WiFi Bluetooth Game Camera is a breeze to set up and use, and it takes spectacular pictures. The external packaging was a bit beat up, but luckily the camera itself was unharmed and works perfectly.
Smaller Size, Bigger Value
The Wosports Trail Cameras offer all the features and functions of a larger camera in a smaller size, and at a lower price point. With this mini cam, you can still get great picture quality and motion video, plus a wider motion sensitivity range than what's specified. Get more bang for your buck with this twin pack!
Picture Perfect Quality
This WiFi trail camera captures stunningly clear pictures with its motion-activated sensor. Connecting to your smartphone, it allows you to preview images and videos on the go. It is also simple to operate and navigate, and uses a SD card for added convenience. With this camera, you can expect great pictures and great performance.
Arlo Camera: Wireless & Long-Lasting
I'm extremely satisfied with this Arlo camera! It's wireless, no Arlo hub needed, and provides crystal clear video quality day or night. Additionally, I can turn on/off the spotlight according to my needs. After 6 weeks of using, the battery life is still over 65%. Highly recommend this product!
Highly Recommended Trail Camera
I bought this trail camera as an alternative to a wifi security camera for the dog when we are not home. It has above average night vision settings and is rugged enough to do the job. I have it hooked up to a battery backup solar panel and so far it has been working great. The video quality is set to 2k and looks very good. The setup process was a little challenging, however, it is manageable and has not caused any problems. I highly recommend this product.
Best Bargain Trail Camera
This bargain basement trail camera delivers excellent picture and video quality during day or night. It has plenty of options with video and still photo resolutions and settings and can be used with an external 6V plug-in option. However, it lacks wireless capability and does not have wifi or bluetooth capabilities. Despite this, it remains an excellent budget camera with great picture quality.
Convenient Solar Panel for Trail Camera
This solar panel is easy to set up and use, and works great with Create XP wireless trail camera. Fully charged in a while, it helps extend battery life and ensures you get the most out of your camera. Just remember to turn off the GPS device when not in use.
Capture Night Life with Wifi Trail Camera
I am having so much fun with this Wifi Trail Camera! It has given me the ability to see little animals at night and the motion detection works surprisingly well. It can detect cars, humans and animals, and the pictures are great in Hi resolution. The manual was a bit difficult to understand due to translation issues, but overall this product is good. If you have lots of motion triggers, investing in a power adapter will save a lot of money on batteries. 4 stars!
An Excellent Trail Camera
I found the exact trail camera I was looking for! It features 4K HD video, is waterproof, has HD night vision, and is very discrete. Moreover, when using the camera, one should note that it works as a wifi signal hotspot, so no additional wifi hotspot is needed in the field. The range of the signal reaches up to 10 meters.
Motion Alerts: High Traffic Areas
I was initially skeptical about wireless and wifi cameras, but I have since found out they are actually very reliable. My Ring system doorbell is comparable to many wired systems, and the motion system offers good coverage, but the range is limited to either high or low. I have one camera at the front of my house, and the WiFi signal is at 75%, which is more than enough for streaming video and checking in on my home or getting motion alerts. I think this system is underrated.
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Yes, this wireless wifi trail camera has night vision capabilities that allow it to capture clear images and videos even in low-light conditions. 
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Yes, you can control the settings of this wireless wifi trail camera remotely using the companion app on your smartphone or tablet, including adjusting the resolution, sensitivity, and trigger speed. 
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Yes, you can view the photos and videos captured by this wireless wifi trail camera in real-time using your smartphone or tablet. 
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No, this wireless wifi trail camera has a built-in wifi network that allows you to connect directly to your smartphone or tablet without the need for a separate wifi network. 
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The range of the wifi connection for this wireless wifi trail camera varies depending on the environment, but it can typically reach up to 100 feet. 
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