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  • * KF35.133 =KF35.127S1=KF35.127V1+KF28.0011*2+KF42.0013 Wireless Connectivity: Connects to TrailCamera Wifi app for easy access:The wifi game trail camera allows for easy wireless connectivity to the TrailCamera Wifi app. This feature allows for easy access to the camera's files and settings, making it easy to manage and control the camera remotely.
  • * High-Quality Images and Videos: Produces high-quality JPEG and AVI files:The camera produces high-quality JPEG and AVI files, ensuring that you capture clear and detailed images and videos of your game or wildlife.
  • * Night Vision: Equipped with 34pcs infrared fill light, 940nm:The camera is equipped with 34pcs infrared fill light, 940nm, which provides excellent night vision capabilities. This feature ensures that you can capture clear images and videos even in low-light conditions.
  • * Watermarking: Supports moon image watermarking:The camera supports moon image watermarking, which is a useful feature for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. This feature allows you to add a moon watermark to your images, making it easier to track and identify your game.
  • * Certified Product: CE, FCC, and ROHS approved:The camera is CE, FCC, and ROHS approved, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and safety. This certification provides peace of mind and ensures that you are purchasing a reliable and trustworthy product.
Free shipping worldwide
Secure Transaction

Multiple payment options:

Quality Guarantee

Kentfaith items enjoy [Quality Guarantee]. If the item you purchased has quality issues or problems caused by non-users and enjoys "Quality Guarantee", Kentfaith will provide comprehensive after-sales service.

No Reason Return

In order to improve your shopping experience at Kentfaith, the items you purchased (which doesn't apply to giveaways) can be returned for a refund for no reason (such as dislike, wrong purchase, and other non-product quality issues).

A WiFi game trail camera is a type of hunting camera that is equipped with WiFi connectivity. This allows the camera to transmit images and videos wirelessly to a smartphone or other device. These cameras are typically used by hunters to monitor game activity in a particular area. They are also popular among wildlife enthusiasts who want to observe and study animals in their natural habitat. WiFi game trail cameras are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, with features such as motion detection, night vision, and high-resolution imaging. They are often powered by batteries and can be set up in remote locations for extended periods of time. With the ability to transmit images and videos in real-time, WiFi game trail cameras provide a convenient and efficient way to monitor wildlife activity without disturbing the animals.

wifi game trail camera

Related technologies:

1. Wireless Connectivity: The latest application technologies of the camera include wireless connectivity, which allows the camera to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This feature enables users to remotely access the camera's footage and settings from their smartphones or tablets.

2. Mobile App Integration: The camera's mobile app integration allows users to control the camera's settings, view live footage, and receive notifications on their mobile devices. This feature makes it easier for users to monitor their game trails and capture high-quality images and videos.

3. Motion Detection: The camera's motion detection technology enables it to detect movement and capture images or videos automatically. This feature is particularly useful for wildlife photography and surveillance purposes.

4. Night Vision: The camera's night vision technology allows it to capture clear images and videos in low-light conditions. This feature is essential for capturing footage of nocturnal animals and monitoring game trails at night.

5. High-Resolution Imaging: The camera's high-resolution imaging technology enables it to capture high-quality images and videos with excellent clarity and detail. This feature is essential for capturing detailed footage of wildlife and monitoring game trails.

6. Weather Resistance: The camera's weather-resistant design makes it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments. This feature ensures that the camera can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, and snow, making it ideal for outdoor photography and surveillance.

wifi game trail camera1

Product Advantages:

1. Remote Access: One of the biggest advantages of a WiFi game trail camera is that it allows remote access to the camera. This means that you can access the camera from your smartphone or computer, and view the images and videos captured by the camera without having to physically go to the camera location. This is particularly useful for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts who want to monitor their game trails without disturbing the animals.

2. Real-time Notifications: Another advantage of a WiFi game trail camera is that it can send real-time notifications to your smartphone or email when it detects motion or captures an image. This means that you can be alerted immediately when there is activity on your game trail, and you can quickly respond to it.

3. Easy Setup: WiFi game trail cameras are generally very easy to set up. They come with simple instructions and can be set up in just a few minutes. This means that you can start using the camera right away, without having to spend a lot of time on installation.

4. High-Quality Images and Videos: WiFi game trail cameras are designed to capture high-quality images and videos, even in low-light conditions. This means that you can get clear and detailed images of the animals on your game trail, which can be useful for identifying different species and tracking their movements. Additionally, many WiFi game trail cameras come with advanced features like time-lapse and burst mode, which can help you capture even more detailed images and videos.

wifi game trail camera2

Common problems:

1. Error connecting to WiFi: The camera may fail to connect to the WiFi network due to incorrect password or network issues. To solve this, ensure that the password is correct and try connecting to a different network to rule out network issues.

2. Poor image quality: The camera may produce poor quality images due to low battery, incorrect camera settings, or lens obstruction. To solve this, ensure that the battery is fully charged, adjust the camera settings to the appropriate mode, and clean the lens to remove any obstructions.

3. Inaccurate motion detection: The camera may trigger false alarms or fail to detect motion due to incorrect sensitivity settings or environmental factors such as wind or moving vegetation. To solve this, adjust the sensitivity settings to the appropriate level and ensure that the camera is mounted in a stable location away from moving objects.

4. Limited storage capacity: The camera may run out of storage space due to large file sizes or prolonged use. To solve this, transfer the files to a computer or external storage device regularly, or use a camera with a larger storage capacity.

wifi game trail camera3


1. Regularly clean the camera lens and body: As the camera is used outdoors, it is likely to accumulate dirt, dust, and debris on its lens and body. This can affect the quality of the images and videos captured by the camera. Therefore, it is important to clean the camera regularly using a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Check the battery life: The camera's battery life is crucial for its performance. It is important to check the battery life regularly and replace the batteries when necessary. This will ensure that the camera is always ready to capture images and videos.

3. Keep the camera firmware up to date: The camera's firmware is the software that controls its functions. It is important to keep the firmware up to date to ensure that the camera is functioning properly and to take advantage of any new features or improvements.

4. Protect the camera from extreme weather conditions: The camera is designed to be used outdoors, but it is important to protect it from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or extreme heat. This can be done by using a protective case or cover, or by placing the camera in a sheltered location. This will help to prolong the life of the camera and ensure that it continues to function properly.

wifi game trail camera4

Product parameters:

WIFI distance : 20 meters outside

Net weight : 727g

APP name : TrailCamera Wifi

Video resolution : 3840x2160@30fps

Number of IR fill lights : 34pcs infrared fill light; 940nm

Microphone & Speaker : Support

Product approvals : CE, FCC, ROHS

Moon image watermarking : Support

File formats : JPEG/AVI

Exposure control : Automatic

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The Perfect Trail Camera
This trail camera has all the features I want - 4K HD video, connection to a smartphone APP, waterproof and HD night vision, and a stealthy look. Plus, it does not require a wifi hotspot in the field, as it can be connected directly to your phone within 10 meters. A truly perfect trail camera!
Clearer Pictures with WiFi
This WiFi Trail Camera is the perfect solution for capturing clearer pictures! With the WiFi connection, you can monitor your pictures and videos directly from your phone. The camera is easy to operate and navigate, and even uses a SD card for storage. Enjoy great pictures with this amazing camera!
Good Buy for Wifi Camera
This wifi camera is definitely worth the buy, providing features that are only a step below the expensive cellular game cameras. A great purchase for those who want a reliable and affordable camera.
Impressive Game Camera
The DSOON WiFi Game Camera impressed me with its clear pictures taken day and night, even from a great distance. The WiFi connection works reliably and the battery life is as good as more expensive cameras. To make it even better, the camera should be set up to work with a cable lock or come with a steel box for added security.
Works Great For My Purpose
I bought this trail camera as an alternative to a wifi security camera to monitor my dog while I'm away. With its ruggedness and above-average night vision and settings, it's been working great for me. I've hooked it up to a battery backup solar panel and set the video to 2k, which looks very good. The setup may have been frustrating, but it was doable and I haven't had any issues since. Highly recommend this product.
Easy Setup
The iZEEKER Dual-Lens Trail Camera 4K, 48MP WiFi Bluetooth Game Camera is easy to set up and use. Its original packaging was severely damaged, but the camera itself was undamaged and functions perfectly.
High Resolution Trail Cam
This small, yet powerful game camera is packed with features. It has 1520P resolution, a 32G micro SD memory card, and 8 AA batteries. It's well made and easy to use, with an intuitive menu system. Best of all, it allows us to easily identify exactly who we have been feeding in our backyard.
Tiny Trail Cameras with Big Impact
The Wosports Trail Cameras I purchased offer incredible features in a smaller size and price, allowing me to record more photos and videos. This mini cam has the same picture and motion video quality as the larger models, but with a reduced set of sensors. Motion sensitivity range exceeds the specification, making it easy to capture movement up to 60-100 feet away.
WiFi Trail Camera - A Fun Night Vision Camera!
Having lots of fun with this WiFi trail camera! It has been great for capturing night life, with motion detection that works surprisingly well. The pictures are clear and high resolution, and the WiFi connection is often reliable. Although the manual was a bit difficult to understand due to translation issues, this product is great overall. Plus, if you have a place to plugin the power adapter, you'll save money on batteries! 4 stars!
Clear Pictures at a Bargain Price
This trail camera proved to be the perfect tool for finding out who was eating my garden. With just a few minutes of setup and installation, I was able to get clear pictures within two weeks. It even came with a mount for easy use. This camera is definitely a great buy!
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