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ND1000 Square Filter 100x100mm Multi Coated Glass

$59.99 $49.99 &FREE Shipping on eligible countries
Product Code: KF01.912
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept nd1000 square filter 100x100mm multi coated glass online, worldwide free shipping and 30 days return guarantee.
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 49.99
  • • ND1000 filter provides 10 f-stop reductions and is made with premium Germany Optics glass.
  • • multi-resistant coating technology significantly reducing lens flare and ghosting while making the filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.
  • • Eliminates overly bright & washed-out images and enables longer exposures to capture the beauty of time and movement.
  • • Multi Layer Coating with metallic alloy film on both sides of clear glass - this coating process produces a true neutral image, free from infrared contamination (flat curve) .
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ND1000 Square Filter 100x100mm Multi Coated Glass
Awesome for beginners
To be frank here, I'm not a professional photographer, however, I have managed to buy a decent SLR camera. With me travelling all the time, I take enough time to click pictures.However, on my recent trip I learned that if you take pictures in bright sunlight the pictures won't come that well and one of the professionals thought me that we need to use this type of lens to help prevent the lens as well as give a good effect for your pictures. Initially, I thought this lens was expensive for me, then later on reading some blogs, I realized that if direct sunrays falls on your camera lenses, there are high chances you might need to throw away your camera, so considering those factors, I guess this is a good deal I would say.When considering the quality of the lens, it's amazing, it's thick and perfectly prevents the sunrays, I realized that I need to get a holder to have this while taking pictures, but you can hold it in hand if you have sturdy hands. You also get a small cloth for cleaning up the lens and good packaging too.Overall, I like the lens considering the price and the things that it covers.
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