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K&F M14101 Contax Yashica Lenses to Sony E Lens Mount Adapter

SKU: KF06.111

My favourite adapters for vintage lenses!
Firstly, I have over 100 vintage lenses, so I've tried so many different adapters and this was the first K&F adapter that I bought in 2015 (I'm going through my old purchases to leave long-term reviews). Since then I've bought quite a few more K&F adapters for my other mount lenses, so at this point, you might be able to guess that I like these adapters a lot!So why do I like them so much? They are not the cheapest adapters out there, but for the price, they are the best adapters I've tried so far. They fit onto the camera quite snuggly which is obviously a good thing and the same can be said for the lens side on the adapter. Overall build quality is very good, even better than I would expect at this price point, so I highly recommend these to anyone using vitnage lenses on modern cameras!