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K&F TC2534 Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit for DSLR Camera Lightweight

SKU: KF09.010

Last tripod you'll ever buy!
Wow! I don't know what else you could want in a tripod. I have seen similar tripods priced at $700-$1000, but I can't imagine how much better they could be. I know this seems pricey at $224, but once you see the build quality and features, you will agree that it is worth every penny!Upon opening the box, I was very impressed with the aesthetically pleasing look and feel of the tripod. It also comes with a top notch carrying case, complete with shoulder strap and rugged zipper. Speaking of carrying cases, it matches up perfectly with this backpack from K&F which I also love (Professional Backpack for DSLR Camera & Laptops Fits on Tripods Large Size).As far as the size and usability, there is nothing that they left out. Each leg has three twist lock adjustments which take this from 18.5' to 67' and every size in between. No matter what the terrain, you will be able to adjust this tripod for a stable shot. It also includes a spring loaded hook on the centre pole where you can hang your bag or a weight to further stabilize the tripod. Again, they thought of everything.The fully rotating and removable mount (complete with 360º level) also leaves nothing to be desired. There are three adjustments on it allowing you a full range of motion and the ability to place your camera in any position you could possibly think of. It also comes with a nice velvet/velour carry bag to keep it safe during transport or if you decide to swap it out for another mount. Finally, as far as weight, the carbon fibre makes this equally light and strong. You certainly won't break it or your back carrying it around.Recommended buy!Overall, I am very impressed with this tripod. I couldn't ask for anything more. I will finally be able to retire my ancient aluminum tripod (which owes me nothing) and use this one for many years to come. If you are in the market for a high quality tripod at a reasonable price, look no further. This will definitely satisfy your needs and help you look like a pro while using it! I was contacted by the company and asked to test this product at a reduced price. Once completed, I gave the above review based on my findings.
Last tripod you'll ever buy! Last tripod you'll ever buy! Last tripod you'll ever buy! Last tripod you'll ever buy! Last tripod you'll ever buy!