[4X Optical Zoom] Recharge power Security Camera PTZ Outdoor for Home Security with Human Detection Auto Tracking-EU Standard

SKU: KF50.0003EU

  • 79.99
Overall Rating 4.8   11
Night vision work great!
Nice camera! I haven’t used the hardware to install but the video is clear. The instructions on how to set it up from your phone are pretty straight forward. I was able to get it up and working in 10 mins. They have customer support if you have any issues.
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5th grader can't get enough
This thing has been glued on to head since the moment she got it for Christmas. She loves the colors, the battery and the noise cancellation...Of course, now I've got to set off an air horn to get her attention, so theres that
Carlos Robles
Doesn't get better than this for that price
Perfect Flash for the price. It is plenty bright, and easy on batteries.
Can't get a better set for the price
I've been buying these since my son's friend left his at our house for awhile. They keep disappearing lol. Work great and last much longer than earbuds. Plus they sound perfect
K. Jakubowski
Arrived today and it took me longer to get the ...
Arrived today and it took me longer to get the box open and remove the light than it did for me to assemble it. The base is very solid and it lights up my entire room with ease, even on the lowest setting it provides amble light.
Charles Duffield
In this instance you get what you pay for!
There are a lot of long USB cables out there, good and cheap, but the fibre optic construction of this cable is fairly unique and usually reserved for professional-grade equipment costing several times more.In the case of this cable, that construction makes the cable much more supple and lightweight, yet capable of great speeds and can positively charge a quest 2 during play. When you buy a cheaper cable you're going to be making a compromise in one or more of those areas.If you only sit to play racing or space sims you might get away with a cheaper 3m cable, or a heavier active cable, but for anything more active or where you're standing that weight of the cable is going to become more of an issue.But the other option to look at is a wireless connection via Virtual Desktop. Because i play a lot of FPS games and don't use stick turning, even the mighty official link cable becomes twisted and loses its length. So now i use the link almost exclusively for seated experiences, and VD for everything else. The best USB cable still has limitations.
Pretty good once you get it to lock
I'll save you an hour by telling you to read the website first if the lock is sopposed to be on the left side of the door(from outside) you have to punch in a key... spent 2 hours trying to figure it out... reading is key... after that your good... wish they would partner with ring on a dual combo lock and doorbell with camera to make it so you dont need 2 devices
Shawn K.
get this, if you want an affordable, simple design
just moved into my new apt as a single guy, so this was perfect, cuz i didn't want too fancy/expensive.the design is simple and slick. the lamp's brightness is pretty impressive, considering its price. it won't lit up your ENTIRE house, but definitely good enough for a small bedroom at least!
Stop hesitating and just get it! Wont regret it!
I've always struggled with headsets and finally found the perfect one. I highly recommend this headset! Feels great, the sound is sharp and crisp. Keeps your ears warm! It cancels out most noises! Great for gaming and discord.